This Is The Ultimate Selfie Bucket List Around Malta

How many have you already ticked off?

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Whether you want to up your selfie game or love having a list of the country's must-see places, here are 15 spots around the Maltese Islands which you have to visit. And, of course, take a selfie at while you're there!

1. Mixta Cave, Gozo

2. The Madonna statue in Armier

3. The streets of Mdina

4. This quirky door in Marsaxlokk

5. The Qawra Shipwreck

You only have a couple of months left to get this photo before it's removed, so hurry up and get this ticked off your bucket list!

6. Popeye's Village

7. Upper Barrakka Gardens, Valletta

8. This two-tone wall in Marsalforn, Gozo

Extra bonus points if you colour co-ordinate your outfit to match.

9. Top of the World, Għargħur

10. Bieb is-Sultan, Żabbar

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11. Saint Agatha's Tower (The Red Tower), Mellieħa

12. These graffiti stairs in Mellieħa

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13. Mġarr ix-Xini, Gozo

14. This giant cat sculpture in Sliema

15. Saint Mary's Tower, Comino

BONUS: The Ghost of Azure Window Past

Extra bonus if you caption your upload with a faux-philosophical quote about the fleeting nature of life. #CarpeDiem

Tag someone who can help you tick all these places off this list!

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