The World's Only Compost Festival Is Happening In Malta This Sunday

Yes, you read that right

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For the last couple of years, Malta has seen a steady increase in national cleanups and celebrations of nature. This Sunday, it’s all set to go stratospheric with the second edition of the Compost Festival. And if you’re thinking that name sounds quite unique, you’re right; there’s only one Compost Festival in the world, and it happens right here in Malta.

If it being the only festival in the world celebrating "the miracle of compost" isn't enough to sway you, here are nine reasons you should probably drop everything and head on down to the Compost Festival this Sunday.

1. International musicians are flying all the way from Australia to perform

... and with a name like Formidable Vegetable Soundsystem, you know it’s going to be one of a kind performance. FVS are an electro-swing band who actually sing about compost and permaculture to teach and inspire others, so this isn't going to be your average everyday gig. Get ready to learn a thing or two about #Permaculture.

2. It works on a Gift Economy Model

What's that? Well, it's the whole concept of people "gifting their time, money and energy into bringing the event to life". Attendees are encouraged to volunteer, gift their skills to the organisers and others... and to contribute in the covering of expenses of events like this.

3. It's 100% zero-waste festival, which means they have a 'Compost Toilet'

Again; yes, you read that right. 

The food and drink vendors will not be serving any plastic and disposable foodware, participants are encouraged to bring their own reusable own cups, bottles, plates and cutlery, or will be supplied reusables at a deposit. 

"We also have a homemade Compost Toilet to turn your humanure into a rich and valuable resource!" said the organisers. Yep.

4. Workshops are being hosted all throughout the day

From 9am to 7.30pm, workshops about anything from yoga to hands-on composting will be organised by a number of professionals. All you have to do is have a look at whatever tickles your fancy.

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5. It's all going down at Malta's leading organic farm

Which also means you get to fully experience the whole venue and the processes behind it. The Compost Festival isn't happening at Mġarr's Vincent's Eco-Farm for nothing; the farmers here practice sustainable agriculture and organic farming and regularly host school visit programmes much in the vein of the Compost Festival's objectives. 

The farm will support the festival by showing first hand how useful compost can be and by hosting the festival. Their products will also be available at their shop on site, O’Veg.

6. They're promising attendees an opportunity to "get naturally high on juice, smoothies and soil"


Soil microbes have been found to have an anti-depressive effect on the brain, and the festival organisers want you to "learn how to harness the natural antidepressant in soil and make yourself happier and healthier."

They will also be serving up healthy and delicious food (made up of local and mostly organic ingredients), desserts, fresh juices and smoothies all day long. Local Gozitan craft beer Lord Chambray and organic wine straight from Vincent's eco-farm will be also be available.

7. Apparently, compost is known as black gold and it can save the world. The festival wants to explain how that works

Since what we put in our body automatically affects our health, the festival believes it's very important to nourish our soil to support the food we put into our body. That's where the idea of "black gold" seems to have originated, and since it can reduce waste, carbon emissions, and the amount of chemicals that seep into the earth and the sea, it could technically lead to a world with way less pollution. 

The condition of Malta's soil has degenerated over the years due to added pollution, and the festival want to remind people just how much of a radical impact our soil has on food and health as a nation.

8. They're making "a huge group compost pile" in one of their workshops

There's nothing wrong with getting your hands a little dirty (literally), and the festival organisers want participants to do something physical with their bodies, "supporting Mother Nature in one of the best ways possible, by giving back to the soil". 

Sounds... interesting.

9. It's the perfect opportunity to let go and dance under the trees

There will be live music all throughout the evening under the old olive tree groves on the farm, so if you're not too big on getting new knowledge on permaculture in the morning, you can also go for some grooving under the stars.

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