These 17 Museums Around Malta Are All Open For Free Tomorrow

You really can't miss this chance!

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This is not a drill. If you've been living in Malta for a while but have haven't had the time to visit a couple of museums (i.e. were being kinda cheap about it all), tomorrow's your chance to make up for the lost culture cred! 

Here's the list of museums which are opening their doors for free tomorrow, and as you can see it's a pretty long one.

1. St. Paul's Catacombs


Get ready to visit one of the most haunted (but super cool) looking historical sites in Rabat.

2. Domus Romana


When in Rabat. Now that's a proper villa.

3. The National Museum of Natural History

Nationa Museum

You'd be surprised with the wide variety of flora and fauna that once inhabited these islands, but you don't need to be surprised for much longer if you check out the National Museum of Natural History in Mdina tomorrow! 

4. The National Museum of Archaeology


Bang in the middle of Republic Street in Valletta, this museum has an insane range of artefacts dating all the way back to 5000 BC. Yep, that's pre-Giza!

5. The Palace Armoury

Palace Amr

One of the largest collections of arms and armour still housed in its original building in the world.  Need we say more?

6. Fort St. Elmo & The National War Museum

War Mus

World War II might be the first thing that comes to mind, but this museum has items dating back to the Bronze Age

7. The Malta Maritime Museum


Of course the island with one of the most turbulent naval history in the world was going to have a Maritime Museum, and an impressive one at that! This beast is actually Malta's largest museum, with over 60 full size traditional Maltese boats!

8. The Inquisitor's Palace


Five centuries later, this Palace in Birgu is one of the very few surviving palaces of its kind, and offers an accurately chilling tour of life under the Inquisition. Leave this one for later in the afternoon.

9. Fort St. Angelo


Spectacular panoramic views of the Grand Harbour in a medieval-castle-turned-modern-fort which is filled to the brim with haunted stories? Sign us up! 

10. Għar Dalam Cave


The oldest prehistoric site in Malta, with bones of Ice Age animals visible inside the cave and a small museum showing remains and artefacts of the first human settlers in Malta. This place will leave you stunned.

11. Ħaġar Qim & Mnajdra Temples


Two UNESCO World Heritage Site within 500 metres. This one's a no-brainer.

12. Tarxien Temples


One of the most complex prehistoric sites on the islands, the Tarxien Temples are another UNESCO World Heritage Site and are home to some of the most well-preserved prehistoric art in the world. 

13. The Gran Castello Historic House


A cluster of interconnected medieval houses in Gozo, making up a Folklore Museum. One of the finest surviving townhouses on the sister island.

14. The Gozo Nature Museum


Also in Victoria Gozo, this museum's a two-floored collection of everything from marine organisms deposited on the sea floor 35 million years ago to a specimen of the Malta Fungus (of Fungus Rock fame, of course). Also includes an actual moonstone donated by Nixon from the crew of Apollo II. Sweet!

15. The Old Citadel Prison 


In use for 400 years dating all the way back to the mid-16th century, this old prison has an incredible amount of very telling historical graffiti - the largest known collection on the Malta Islands!

16. Ta' Kola Windmill


Dating back to 1725, Ta' Kola is not only one of the few surviving windmills on the Maltese Islands that go back to the Knights' Period, but is also one of the most immaculately-kept. 

17. Ġgantija Temples


Megalithic temples that were literally named after giants, this UNESCO World Heritage List site is considered one of the oldest free standing monuments in the world, predating pretty much everything between the Pyramids of Giza and Stonehenge. But you know this already seeing as you just took our History Quiz, right? 

Which museum are you looking forward to visit the most? Tell us in the comments and tag a friend to join you for tomorrow's cultural roadtrip!

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