Things To Do This Weekend In Malta If You're Not Interested In Carnival

There's more on than you might think


Finally – all your carnival-crazed friends have packed their bags and taken the traffic-infested road to the sister island. You feel like you're alone in Malta – and that's a rarity that calls for celebration. 

So while you wrap yourself in your quilt at home rejoicing your decision to ignore the festivities at all costs, have a look at a few events that are going on on the islands that don't involve carnival. You might want to get out of bed after all. 

1. Freedom Fighters – Saturday 25 February

If you're up for some reggae this weekend, head on down to Funky Monkey for the Freedom Fighters party. It starts at 4pm and promises to be packed full of awesomeness. Also, entrance only costs €5 – how's that for some end-of-the-month value?

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2. Skarlet at The Villa – Sunday 26 February

Get It promotions bring us live music at The Villa every Sunday, but this one will be a special treat. Skarlet is a band made up of seasoned musicians including the stunning vocalist Sandrina. Her honey-coated voice will be a perfect ending to your costume-free Sunday. 

3. Le Nozze Di Figaro – Tuesday 28 February 

If you're still looking for something to close-off your non-carnival weekend with, then you might want to lend some thought to Le Nozze Di Figaro. Showing at the Manoel Theatre, this production promises to  bring to life all of the charm, humanity and wit of Mozart and da Ponte’s classic while restoring the satirical bite and political edge of Beaumarchais’ original play, in a contemporary context. 

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4. Sleeping Beauty Live From The ROH – Tuesday 28 February

If opera's not your thing but you still want to get your culture on, grab your tickets for the live screening of the Royal Opera House's Sleeping Beauty. The best part apart watching world-class ballet in a cinema is that you can wear jeans and eat popcorn while you do it. #winning

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5. Venus in Fur – All weekend

Described as a "provocatively seductive play about love, lust and literature", this play might be the most exciting event you'll attend all weekend. Top notch actors and a script from renowned playwright David Ives – guaranteed quality. 

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6. Interpretazzjoni – All Weekend

If it's a contemplative afternoon of visual art that you're after, then go for the exhibition Interpretazzjoni, organised by Valletta 2018 in collaboration with the History of Art Department, University of Malta. The exhibition features works from the 1st and 2nd year students of the BA History of Art, (Fine Arts), under the direction of Giuseppe Schembri Bonaci. A bit of refinery never hurt anyone.

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So there you go, a bit of reggae, some drama, opera, ballet, live music, art. Who needs carnival when you can have... well, everything else?

Tag a friend you know is far from the carnival mayhem and get planning!

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