Things To Do Tonight That Don't Involve Booze And Overeating

And we don't just mean Netflix

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If you haven't yet recovered from your Christmas and New Year overindulgence, the last thing you feel like doing is going out for more food and booze. But when you live in Malta, it's easy to forget there are actually other things you can do in life. Thankfully, we're full of ideas.

1. Go for a night hike

Round up a good group of friends, decide on a route and wrap up in your warmest hiking gear. Don't forget your torches!

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2. Bake (for others)

Call a friend to come over and have a good catch-up whilst baking some delicious goodies. You can always sample your results, but give most of it away, either to your neighbours or to your nanna when you visit tomorrow – it'll make her weekend.

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3. Invite friends over for board games

So much fun to be had if you've got at least one of these classic games.

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4. Catch up on your Tinder

Or better yet, invite your BFF over and help each other revamp your profiles.

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5. Get a head-start on that new hobby

As your mum has told you countless times – there's no time like the present!

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6. Organise home-made karaoke

With practically every song you love having a karaoke version on YouTube, it's so easy to line-up a playlist and invite your friends over for some hilarious performances.

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7. Read a book

Switch off your phone, hide your laptop, and spend some quality time with you and your brain. 

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BONUS: Okay... Netflix has to be on the list

Let's face it – there's nothing better than a good film or series binge on a Friday night. Don't forget the popcorn – it's a low calorie snack. #winning

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