This Valletta Cinema Is Showing 27 Cult Classics For Free In January Alone, And Here's The Full List

Treat yourself to a weekday viewing of some of the most beloved films ever

Valletta Citylights Cinema Cult Classics

Porn-cinema-turned-hipster-hangout Citylights in Valletta has quickly become the place to be when it comes to feasting your eyes on some tasty movie magic in Malta, and they're sure off to a great start in 2019.

The Cinema Bar by Citylights shows a wide variety classic and cult-followed movies on a monthly basis, and, what's even better is that entrance is absolutely free. These are the 27 films they will be screening throughout the month of January.

1. Once Were Warriors

Monday, 7th January at 5pm

2. Across The Universe

Monday, 7th January at 7:30pm

3. Almost Famous

Tuesday, 8th January at 5pm

4. City of God

Tuesday, 8th January at 7:30pm

5. The Truman Show

Wednesday, 9th January at 5pm

6. The Crow

Wednesday, 9th January at 7:30pm

7. Big Fish

Thursday, 10th January at 5pm

8. Raging Bull

Thursday, 10th January at 7:30pm

9. This Is The End

Friday, 11th January at 6pm

10. Blue Is The Warmest Color

Friday, 11th January at 9pm

11. Shaun Of The Dead

Saturday, 12th January at 6pm

12. Alice In Wonderland

Saturday, 12th January at 9pm

13. Blow

Saturday, 12th January at 11:59pm

14. Hercules

Sunday, 13th January at 6pm

15. Enter The Void

Sunday, 13th January at 9pm

16. George Harrison: Living In The Material World

Tuesday, 15th January at 6pm

17. Superbad

Wednesday, 16th January at 6pm

18. The Double Life Of Véronique

Thursday, 17th January at 6pm

19. Legends Of The Fall

Thursday, 17th January at 9pm

20. The Mission

Friday, 18th January at 6pm

21. Seabiscuit

Friday, 18th January at 9pm

22. The Unbearable Lightness Of Being

Saturday, 19th January at 9pm

23. Million Dollar Baby

Sunday, 20th January at 9pm

24. Dead Poets Society

Wednesday, 23rd January at 6pm

25. The Meaning Of Life

Thursday, 24th January at 6pm

26. The Artist

Saturday, 26th December at 9pm

27. The Panic Room

Saturday, 26th December at 11:59pm

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