Vanishing Valletta: Maltese Artist Exhibits Photos From Malta's Changing Capital Over The Last 30 Years

The city has been through a lot... and David Pisani was there to document it all

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Local photographer David Pisani has recently set up an exhibition of some of his works at Spazju Kreattiv in Valletta. But these aren't just any photos, these are photos 30 whole years in the making.

Back in 1982, David Pisani began documenting the city of Valletta and its surrounding harbour area. He wanted to focus on the socially deprived periphery of Valletta, also known as the Mandraġġ, and the infamous red light district of Strait Street. What started as a photographic essay turned into a project that lasted 29 years, right up to 2011.

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Out of the thousands of negatives that Pisani ended up with, 192 photographs were chosen and were in part first exhibited in the Biennale of Photography in Paris (Mois de la Photo) in 1996 under the title La Valette et le Grand Port – Portrait d’une Capitale Maritime (Valletta and the Grand Harbour - Portrait of a Maritime Capital).

Soon after, in June 2000, the National Library of France acquired a selection of original prints for its permanent collections.

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The photographs are now being exhibited at Spazju Kreattiv for the exhibition Vanishing Valletta.

The exhibition is free of charge and will be on until the 27th of January. On January 16th, Spazju Kreattiv will be hosting an informal Q&A session with the artist photographer, where you'll be able to discuss the works and issues relating to Valletta in this modern age.

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