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Wanna Bond With Your Coworkers? Shoot Them!

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Despite most of us never having handled a bow in our lives, last week we spent an afternoon shooting arrows at each other… all for the sake of building friendships!

Having come out on the other side relatively unharmed and wanting more, we’re here to break down the stages of an Arrow Tag battle for you, so that you know exactly what’s going to happen, and why you need to go asap!

1. You show up and think “This is really happening isn’t it?”

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It’s very easy to just say yes to anything a week before it all goes down, but when showing up on the day and finally seeing the entire set-up, there’s definitely no turning back. Not that we wanted to turn back of course…but the nerves start kicking in right about now. This is happening right now. The game rules start sweeping in, and the competitive spirit escalates. “I’m going all Legolas on your asses!” was heard about four times in the first fifteen minutes.

2. You divide into teams and get bibbed up

Img 3338

One last smile and group photo homies – after this, we’re mortal enemies. We went for 5 people on each side, which is what the guys from Arrow Tag themselves recommend for getting the best out of the experience.

3. “I get to wear a helmet? Bad ass.”

Img 3371

It’s a good thing that the summer heat is slowly subsiding, because the helmets are pretty hot, but luckily, they make you look way cooler than Katniss Everdeen. And hey, literally the first guy to be hit was shot in the face, so you definitely need them.

4. A quick tutorial shows you (sort of) everything you need to know

Img 3340

Now that we knew all the rules of the game (although of course the only important ones for many were when and where to hit people), we finally got to handle a bow and arrow, and started firing some practice shots. It was surprisingly easy – after a couple of epic misfire fails, arrows were flying all over the place. Just like the Spartans in 300, we were ready to fight in the shade.

5. “It’s like Lions and Tigers, but with arrows flying everywhere.”

Arrow Tag Run

In Arrow Tag, you start with a bow, but no arrows. The arrows are all in the middle of the pitch, and both teams have to race to get as many as they can and rush back to cover. Which made it perfect for the ones in our group who were putting themselves bang in the middle of the Maltese Hunger Games (namely, all of us).


Screen Shot 2016 10 07 At 13 22 33

This is where things get exciting. Everyone has a fully-loaded weapon, and it’s time to take cover and perfectly time your exposed moments.

7. “I can do this. I can do this. I’M DOING THIS.”

Img 3361

Screw cover. Time to get out and get all up in their faces. It’s do or die – get firing!

8. “Oh yeah…we’re actually meant to hit the 5 targets in the middle.”

Img 3351

When someone gets hits, they need to walk off the pitch. The winning team is either the one that’s able to hit each and every member of the other team, or the first team to hit all five targets in the middle of the pitch. It’s so exciting to get caught up in taking cover and trying to get that one person you’ve been targeting since the very beginning, that it’s easy to forget that your five targets are just out in the open and ready for the taking. This is when the more adventurous ones start coming out of cover to hit all five targets first.

9. “Now’s our chance, GO GO GO!”

Img 3352

As the more adventurous people starting coming out, the ones who’d been hiding behind cover all this time finally seize their opportunity to hit as many people as possible while the others are trying to hit the five targets. Everyone starts getting hit left, right and centre – at this rate, there’s only minutes left until someone wins.


Img 3385

Smell that? That’s the sweet odour of victory. It took some chances and sprinting risks, but it’s been worth it.

BONUS: “Rematch?!”

Img 3384 161007 141711

Yep, we got to go again a couple of times! Ace.

Tag the people you’d love to try this with in the comments on Facebook! And if you would like to book a shooting session with your friends email [email protected] or go to the Arrow Tag Malta Facebook Page.

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