WATCH: Alien Paradise - This New Exhibition In Valletta Is Every Instagrammer's Dream

Expect trippy alien-coloured installations!

Valletta Contemporary have gone all out for their first exhibition of the year, and my God is it pretty!

Running until 5th April, Pristine Paradise is the creative brainchild of Nadine Baldow, a visual artist whose main focus is working on site-specific installations.

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The Instagram-worthy exhibition explores how nature takes over abandoned objects, exploring the relationship between humans and aliens through colourful installations.

Everyday objects such as fridges, washing machines and cooking facilities will look like they've been taken over by an artificial, fungus-like organism which deforms and corrupts the object.

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“I see nature as a complex, highly detailed system that has the power to self-correct and adjust over and over again," Nadine said in an interview with art writer Ann Dingli. "Even supposedly cruel mistakes – such as diseases or epidemics – have their significance."

"We, as humans, differ from all other living beings in that we are able to intervene in this system," she continued. "The question of whether we are still part of nature remains unsolved to me”.

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Pristine Paradise opened on March 1st and will run till April 5th at the Valletta Contemporary. For more information and updates, check out the official Facebook event page.

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