WATCH: Behind The Scenes Of This Year's Saint Aloysius Soirée

Oh man, the nostalgic feels are all coming up again

Anyone, okay most people, who attended St Aloysius Sixth Form look back on those two College years with warmth, and admittedly a tinge of cringe. perhaps the most memorable part of it all had to be the SAC soiree. Looking on with nostalgia, we find out more about this year's edition, which will be a musical take on the famous Peter Pan.

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"We have over 400 students involved, with the whole thing reaching thousands of other teenagers online, and the theatre selling out almost every night," beams Sam Scibberas, who forms part of the 2017 Soirée Committee. By Maltese standards this is a large production, and it's entirely prepared and presented by teenage sixth-formers, most of the students involved actually form part of the crew. 

"The crew has around 170 people working on the running of the musical, from technical requirements, to the organisation and execution of day-to-day activities. They build props and manage logistics, and are a super dedicated bunch who really love what they're helping create," Sam tell us.

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The cast, is made up of a group of 100 very eager students representing different characters in the musical. Their parts range from dancing to acting roles, and they're lead by a team of hardworking directors. And although the musical is the star act of the performance nights, it wouldn't be a Soirée without a couple of other dances and acts. 

The college is inevitably buzzing with activity and different rehearsals during this time of the year. "Both the Soirée Committee and the School Council have been pulling strides behind the scenes making sure that everything runs smoothly and goes to plan," says Sam, taking us back to our own days at Sixth Form, where everyone would come together once a year to pull the same rope.  

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Of course, the orchestra is an essential part of the life of the Soirée musical. This year it's made up of an impressive number of musicians ready to give it their all and breathe fresh and energetic air into this musical adaptation of Peter Pan. 

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So what can we expect from this year's SAC Soirée? 

"We believe Peter Pan highlights various moral themes to the audience members," says Filippo Vassallo Kirpalani, Head Director of the Musical. "And as the hard work of many proud Aloysians soon comes to a culmination, we hope you too will join us on our magical trip to Neverland!" 

Judging by the fact that we just got nostalgic goosebumps at the mention of the word "Aloysians", we're pretty sure we will!

The 2017 SAC Soirée is happening between Thursday 9th and Sunday 12th February. Tickets for the four shows are out this Friday, and will also be sold online. For more information, you can check out their frequently updated Facebook page.

Do you remember your Aloysian days? Share your memories in the comments and tag someone who's been part of previous editions of the Soirée!

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