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WATCH: Brutal But Hilarious Maltese Stand-Up Show Happening At Mount Carmel

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No celebrity (or bladder) is safe as Malta’s first drag stand-up comedian announces four new dates for his latest one-woman show, Just Visiting.

Tolqueen, aka Chucky Bartolo is leaping off the momentum from his successful debut run (which sold out all three nights he was playing) and is now working on a brand new show at Mount Carmel’s theater.

Excited to once again make audiences laugh till it hurts, Chucky described the show as more outrageous than before, and packed from start to finish with even more jokes to make you go: “oh shit!”

In drag he’s known for his sharp looks and even sharper tongue, but what does Chucky want audiences to know about his show before they arrive?

“No one is safe – not politicians, not celebs and definitely not the weirdo who’s obsessively shaking down all the avocados at my local LIDL… although coming to think of it, that was probably just Tamara Webb anyway!” he laughs.

“People love brutal, but hilarious, honesty… and that’s what I’m there to give. Nothing is off limits, and that includes an impressive amount of embarrassing shit I’ve done in my own life too.”

Happening at the Mount Carmel Hospital Community Theatre, Just Visiting will see a mix of classic stand-up comedy material and musical mash-ups crammed with iconic moments from Malta throughout the ages (or at least the last few decades).

Just Visiting 19 By 9 Cover

“If I’m being honest, there’s nothing funnier than all the crazy shit we see going on across Malta,” Chucky continues. And it’s not difficult to see what he means. With so much happening on our tiny island, it’s no surprise there’s over an hour of brand new material just six months after his last show.

“I’m just here to point out the weirder details of things we Maltese (a nation who struggles with the concept of satire as much as we do with indicators), don’t even realise we’re doing.”

While it’s pretty clear why audiences are excited to watch, we wanted to know what Tolqueen was most looking forward to. “There’s nothing quite like watching a crowd twitch when you tease Emma Muscat’s vocal ability. We’re not used to people being so open about their feelings in a lighthearted way, and I love watching the awkward ‘ooohs’ morph into loud applause and full-bellied laughter!”

Just Visiting is happening on March 16th, 17th, 23rd and 24th and you can buy tickets here.

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