WATCH: New Theme, New Stage: Unite With Tomorrowland Is Returning To Malta, Bigger And Better Than Ever Before

The Amicorum Spectaculum is coming to the Mediterranean

It's very difficult to find a global electronic music festival that's bigger than Tomorrowland... much like it's difficult to find an awesome summer festival venue that's cooler (read: warmer) than Malta. Pair the two of them together, and you've got the massive Unite With Tomorrowland, which will be returning to the islands for a massive third edition this summer.

In celebration of the third edition of Unite With Tomorrowland in Malta, this year's festival has a whole host of surprises in store for attendees

Firstly, the islands are going to get a newly designed stage, and anyone who's ever remotely heard of Tomorrowland knows how big of a deal that is. Larger than life (and then some), these towering structures are literally the main focus of the festivals, and this year will see Malta be graced with something special.

For some context, here's what previous editions of UWT Malta looked like.

Not shabby at all, but get ready for something even bigger!

On July 27th, Unite With Tomorrowland will be bringing The Amicorum Spectaculum to the Marsa Sports Ground

One of the most mythical themes in the history of Tomorrowland, The Amicorum Spectaculum is as magical as it gets. Think steampunk circus meets Moulin Rouge... on all the steroids.

Along with Greece, Portugal and Spain, Malta will be connecting with the People of Tomorrowland in Belgium, hosting a spectacular group of entertainers and a massive DJ line-up of both local and international acts.

This is the third time that Unite With Tomorrowland will be held in Malta, with thousands of people coming down to the islands from over 55 different countries. The organisation of the event was once again highly praised by attendees - a staggering 94% of a scientific survey carried out with attendees said that the Malta event was a great success and they'll be eagerly waiting for the third edition.

In celebration of this special third edition, a local sponsorship scheme will grant Maltese residents the opportunity to buy a ticket at a subsidised price. This will apply between today (Saturday 6th April) at 2pm and Friday 12th April at midnight. Prices during this period will be subsidised to more than 50% of the original price!

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If this sounds like everything you've ever wanted and so much more, then head over here for a special Maltese residents ticket sales page!

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