WATCH: This Trailer For Malta's Carnival Has Everyone Excited For February 2018

Bigger and better each year

To those who are fans of the craft, or simply fans of a good time, Malta's annual carnival celebrations in Valletta are an absolutely unmissable event. Every year thousands gather to sing, dance, dress up, laugh and gasp in awe at the parade that pushes its way through the streets of our capital.

And now, just in case you weren't excited enough, a new trailer by Brandon Bonett will put your right in the mood.


Running from Thursday 8th February till Tuesday 13th, this year's event is set to be even more special as it coincides with Valletta's year as the EU's Capital of Culture for 2018. As with every year we're looking forward to seeing all the flashy costumes, satirical floats and cheeky references.

Girl Carnival

There's just one month to go, so start planning and keep looping this trailer till February rolls around.

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