What Pre-Drinks? One Of Malta's Biggest Clubs Actually Wants You To Bring Your Own Drinks Inside This New Year's Eve

There are rumours that this might be Tigullio's last NYE...

Tigullio Nye 2018

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Pre-drinking has slowly become a pivotal part of every Maltese night-out. Go to any venue that's hosting a party, and the first thing you'll notice is crowds of people drinking outside the venue... possibly till after midnight. In an effort to make sure that doesn't happen this New Year's Eve, one Maltese club is switching things up big time.

This New Year's Eve, Tigullio actually wants people to bring their own drinks into the club

Usually a definite no-go, this change in policy will only apply for the last night of the year, and it seems like the decision goes beyond a simple BYOB gimmick.

"We're aware that pre-drinking outside a club is a very common thing in Malta, but it just doesn't make sense to do it on a cold and special night like New Year's Eve," Tigullio representatives told Lovin Malta. "We also want to give something back to our loyal customers, especially on a night like this, and to make them feel even more at home."

What this means is that, beyond a minimal entrance fee of €10, people are invited to bring their own bottles and drinks inside the club while they count down the end of 2018 ...and Tigullio will also be offering the ice!

And if you do end up running out of drinks by the end of the night, don't worry; there will still be some bottles up for sale at some pretty competitive prices.

All of the beloved club's rooms will be open on the night, as rumours of this being the last NYE at Tigullio continue to abound

"Each and every single area in the club will be blaring out different genres," Lovin Malta was told. Tigullio is huge, with the sprawling club being divided in at least six dedicated areas.

By now, anyone involved in the club scene has heard whispers of Tigullio's long run as one of the biggest and most beloved clubs on the island coming to a gradual end. And while no official confirmation has yet been provided on the case, it does seem like this move is an indication of the famed Spinola Bay club going out in style.

Beyond multiple massive parties that different generations remember being held at the St. Julian's club, Tigullio also hosts one of the most popular - and most attended - St. Patrick's Day parties in the area, with thousands showing up on an annual basis.

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