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With Over 11 Events Happening In 12 Hours, Tomorrow Might Just Be Malta’s Busiest Saturday Ever

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Sometimes, the weekend comes and absolutely no event tickles your fancy. You might be thankful for the opportunity to stay in and just watch your latest favourite TV series, but if you would’ve felt like going out, a slow weekend is torture. Thankfully, this weekend is anything but.

Tonight is already off to the races, with huge events like Sound Salon’s Grand Closing and Lollipop’s Pride Special along with other season closers for smaller, groovier nights.

But if you’re looking for eventful, then tomorrow – Saturday – is definitely the day you need to be looking at.

Here are 11 events that will all be happening over 12 hours tomorrow. Brace yourself for some inevitable FOMO and start making plans!

1. There’s a little thing called Pride March

This whole week has been leading up to tomorrow. Pride at the Heart of the Mediterranean hopes to be the biggest one of them all, and everyone is invited to the massive parade that kicks off at 4:30pm in Valletta.

After the walk around the European Capital of Culture, there will be a free open-air concert with a massive lineup of local and foreign acts to keep crowds entertained for hours.

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2. A festival of honey and pumpkin in the heart of Mosta

From beekeeping stalls to #FoodPorn lectures, Festa Qargħasel will be transforming one of Malta’s biggest towns into one long evening of culture.

Also featuring local entertainers Airport Impressions, Eileen Montesin and Charles ‘is-City’, to make sure you burn some of those pumpkin and honey calories with some tunes!

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3. Malta’s very own time machine heads to Gozo

Magna Żmien‘s second landing is in the sister island’s Cathedral Square, and it’s bringing with it VR, sound installations and some dope light shows.

Aiming to collect fading memories by digitising home collections from yesteryear, Magna Żmien’s Kapsula Merill is as close to a national time machine as we can get. Nostalgiaphiles, unite!

4. Interactive theatre comes to Birgu

Każin Barokk technically kicks off tonight and will also be running on Sunday.

Inspired by great literary works like Fyodor Dostoevsky’s The Gambler and Jean-Francois Regnard’s The Gamester, Birgu’s very own Notre-Dame Gate will be transforming into an immersive theatre experience featuring everything from fast-food franchises, local traditions, socio-economic realities, themes of identity, saints and sinners, and the connection between the baroque and contemporary.

In other words, get ready for a whole lotta culture with a healthy dose of fun!

5. Sunset drinks and beats at the BMX track

Jam & Juice are back for their signature blend of groovy tracks and juicy treats.

Online early bird tickets are absolutely sold out, so we’d recommend getting your hands on a ticket ASAP if you plan on seeing the Saturday sun away with this four-DJ lineup.

6. A rabbit festival in fenkata HQ

Mġarr is the place to be if you love rabbits of all shapes, sizes and flavours, and this weekend is a celebration of just that.

Originally slated for June, the first edition of the Rabbit Festival will now be landing in Mġarr tomorrow. The evening will feature the participation of 10 different local restaurants serving up delicious food, and of course traditional rabbit dishes will be at the heart of it all.

That authentic Maltese atmosphere won’t just stop with the rabbit though, with everything from għana to dance groups also featuring at the festival.

7. A play banned in 2009 finally returns to the stage

Nearly a decade later, Stitching is coming back.

Stitching, which was meant to debut in February 2009, involved swear words in its script, and the Maltese court had back then ruled that it was unacceptable for swearing to be allowed in public… even as part of a play.

The ECHR overturned the Maltese courts’ 2010 ban earlier this year in a unanimous decision that also included Maltese judge Vincent de Gaetano. The production company behind Stitching, Unifaun Theatre Productions Limited, was also awarded €10,000 as legal costs, along with €10,000 in moral damages among the company, director Chris Gatt, and actors Pia Zammit and Mikhail Basmadjian.

Now, this weekend sees Stitching‘s much-anticipated return at the Teatru Manoel Studio Theatre. If you can’t make it this weekend, don’t worry; the play returns next weekend.

Screen Shot 2018 09 14 At 12 27 42

8. The craziest party in the world lands in Malta for a Psychedelic Trip

Decades of clubbing later, there have been over 130 elrow shows in 33 different countries in 2018 alone, and 54 of those were absolutely sold out. Now, it all lands in Malta tomorrow.

The international giants’ stilt-walking, juggling, colourful clubbing night is coming to the Numero Uno for an explosive set that will definitely be unforgettable.

9. Malta’s indie sweethearts launch their new vinyl

The Velts are back, and this time they’re taking fans on a rollercoaster of a launch.

Reeling in fellow scene movers and shakers including femme-power-duo Fuzzhoneys, the alt lads will be making their July online release of Rollercoaster official with a vinyl, some merch, and a night of fun straight out of 00s UK.

10. A night of nostalgia in the south

Rock & Rave return for a night of some of the biggest classics from the last 50 years. That’s half a century, so get ready for a lot of bangers.

It all goes down at Marsascala’s Zion on Saturday night, so come on down if you want to make the most of the waning summer heat and you love yourself some golden oldies.

11. Spotty and striped madness returns to Xemxija

Anyone who’s been a fan of the local alternative music scene would’ve definitely heard the name Spots and Stripes before. Providing the island with some of the most danceable tracks this side of the Mediterranean, their nights are something to behold. And it’s all coming back.

Spotty and striped clothing is a must… as is your favourite pair of dancing shoes.

Tag someone who needs to make plans with you this weekend!

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