World-Touring Solar-Powered Cinema Set To Return To Malta For 24 Special Screenings This Summer

Talk about fun in the sun

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If there's one thing Malta has a lot of, it's sunshine. Mixing that with many people's love for cinema, an awesome concept is coming back to the island for another summer, six years after a successful debut.

Solar Cinema is an exciting venture which you should definitely check out. This innovative concept brings the amazing goodness of solar-powered mobile cinemas on our lovely little island. And yes; that means that all the equipment used is 100% sun-powered.

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The unusual films are screened after sunset in an open-air public space to raise awareness on the importance of using renewable energy sources in our daily lives. 

The events sometimes even include workshops and other activities. The sun's goodness is captured using a photovoltaic system which transforms Mother Earth’s raw power into electricity for the equipment used during the events. Which is ultimately what makes Solar Cinema extremely independent and mobile. 

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These solar-powered cinemas usually screen short films or niche movies and will carry out 24 screenings in Malta and Gozo. And what's even cooler is that some of the films being shown will actually have a local theme!

They'll be focusing on themes such as island life, water and the environment, voyages and travelling.

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This initiative has visited countries all over the world like Brazil, Mexico and Australia. 

But it's not the first time that this amazing project took place in our country — they had already visited the island back in 2012 and held three screenings throughout summer. 

This year, the 24 films will be screened over the space of five months in different public spaces throughout the island.

Solar Cinema is a V18 project.

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