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You Need To Know This If You Are Planning On Going To Isle Of MTV This Year

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Isle of MTV is one of the biggest free events to ever hit Malta. Everyone from Snoop Dogg to The Chainsmokers have performed on the Fosos, and it’s probably the first time many young Maltese people’s were able to see some of their favourite artists.

The festival has been held in Malta since 2007 – but for the first time ever, there will be a ticketing system for anyone who wants to attend the event this year’s event on Wednesday 27th June.

Fans will have the option to pre-register for the event, which will be open for two weeks prior to the official ticketing launch. Those fans that choose to pre-register will be able to apply for ticket registration 48 hours before the official launch, and will also enter into a ballot for the opportunity to win a pair of VIP tickets to the event. A maximum of 4 tickets per individual can be applied for.

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MTV has teamed up with ticket specialists Ticketmaster to create a ticketing system for Isle of MTV 2018. While the event will remain free of charge, anyone who wants to attend must go to the Isle of MTV website and register. A ticket will be issued that can be printed or brought on your smartphone.

And in case anyone doesn’t have access to the internet, there will be a ticket booth set outside the entrance in the days before the event. You’ll be able to register there and get a ticket on the spot. 

The new ticketing system is being introduced to ensure health and safety regulations are enforced. In this way, organisers would be able to know when the Fosos‘ capacity has been reached, and will stop letting people in beyond that point.

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VIP tickets will still be available as in previous years. Anyone visiting Malta from abroad for the event can register from their countries. 

You can find a full list of FAQs by following this link.

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