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Things You Can Do In Malta If Your Significant Other Works Weekend Shifts

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Weekends are literally made to enjoy your most favourite human in the universe.

However, your kinky human might work weekend shifts. That means endless boring hours staring at random stuff and waiting eagerly for them to come around.

Here’s a list of activities you could totally get into while your chunk of love is away.

1. Get a coffee

There’s so much things you can do in a coffee shop it’s like, too much. Seriously. You can spend your hours sitting down tasting all of their different desserts and coffee flavours as you read your favourite book.

If you’re really not a book person, you should definitely try staring at other people or playing random games on your phone.

2. Spa Day

Sometimes you really need to unwind and literally do nothing. Use this day without your SO taking up all of your me time by taking care of your beautiful body.

You should totally try out a Maltese spa day at home.

The concoctions are divine and will keep you busy for a while. Your soulbuddy will be home in no time.

3. Discover our history

Go get lost in all the amazing museums our land has to offer. You can hang out at multiple galleries or museums literally forever. That’s what the benches are for anyway.

Some of these places even have gardens you can sit down and chill at like the Inquisitor’s Palace in Birgu or the National History Museum in Mdina.

Culture yourself, human.

4. Read a book

Seriously, books are amazing. We have a couple of Maltese must-reads here and here. You can read literally anywhere you like, by the beach, in a coffee shop, on a random bench in the middle of nowhere or in the comfort of your own bed.

That’s the best thing about books — they transport you to wherever the story is set with zero effort.

5. Watch that movie

There are so many movies and series your beau doesn’t want to watch with you, and now is your time to shine. Put on that weird gory movie you’ve wanted to watch for ages or just binge-watch a girly series.

If you run out of movie or series ideas frequently, try keeping a list so that the next time you need to be entertained you won’t have to waste a whole hour staring at trailers.

6. Catch up with your old friends

Y’all have that friend you kind of don’t see as often as you did before. If you miss your buddy why don’t you meet up a bit?

There’s petting zoos, coffee shops, beaches and cinemas where you can hang out. You can even go for an evening stroll in Mdina.

7. Explore a random town

Maltese towns are full of surprises. If you like photography you should get lost in some random Maltese town you’ve never been to.

There’s so many things to see on this island you’ll literally feel overwhelmed if you pay enough attention.

8. Do some self help stuff

There’s tons of ways you can self-help. You can try clearing out your house from any unwanted clutter or learn a new skill on your free time. Try your hand at kite-making or learn how to use a yo-yo.

You can literally do anything you set your mind to, promise.

9. Meditate

Meditation is boss when it comes to clearing out your head and passing time. You can find countless guided meditations all over the interwebs which will do you hella good.

Try to reach your inner peace while away from your ball and chain.

It will give you the patience and virtue you need to deal with them anyway.

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