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Things You’ll Relate To If You Met Your Maltese BFF Before You Were 10

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Maltese friendships are as strong as they come – mostly because there’s no real way of escaping them so it behoves people to make them work. 

A lot of friends in Malta grew up together – taking their friendship up an extra notch on the ‘unbreakable’ scale. Here’s a few things Maltese childhood friends can all relate to.

1. Your BFF’s house is your house

You practically grew up in their bitħa so inviting yourself over at any given time of the day is completely normal. 

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2. But no one is shy about calling it a night

Oħroġli l-barra ħa norqod” is always fairgame. 


3. You call their mum ‘Auntie’

There’s zero blood relation, but you’ve always called her Unty Sue.

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4. And she knows your medical conditions, birthday, anniversaries, and exes’ names

Like the extra parent you never asked for. 

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6. You and your BFF have your own lexicon

And it’s not Maltese or English, just random key words, mossi and even facial expressions that no one else would get.

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7. And you have just the right ammo to keep each other in place

The thousands of teenage photos you both know exist in a safe place ensure you’re on your best behaviour. 

Your Secrets Are Safe With Me

8. You jokes are so old you don’t even remember why they’re funny

But you still think you’re the most hilarious people on the island. 


9. You have no problems with telling each other the truth

“Aw, dawk il-qliezet – le ta’…”

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10. Or arguing

If you got over the 1996 schoolyard pog-championship saga, you can get over anything.

Top 10 Ways To Get Over A Breakup 1

11. But you lose your shit if anyone else gets on your BFF’s case

“Int bis-serjeta’? Dik qisha oħti ta’!”

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