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This Guy Turned Some Old Maltese Coins Into Wedding Rings And TBH We’d Probably Marry Him

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Millennials and Gen Z-ers may be killing the institution of marriage by not spending thousands of euros on extravagant ceremonies and signing eternally-binding contracts, but some of us still appreciate a bit of tradition. Especially if we get to put our own personal twist on it.

One reddit user, going by the username PowersDrums, recently posted a photo of his wedding rings and it blew up; because he made them out of coins. And to be more specific, old Maltese coins.

“My wife and I got married in Malta over the winter and I just crafted these replacement wedding bands from Maltese coins we collected while there.”

Pretty neat stuff. Apparently he does it by “punching a hole in the middle of the coin and folding it inward so that one side of the coin is now the outside of the ring.”

We’re not exactly sure how one would do that, but it’s super impressive. And the end result is beautiful. He’s also done this to other coins, and this €2 one kind of shows how he does it.

The Maltese ones are obviously extra sentimental, since they represent the couple’s wedding bands, but he’s made some other super cool ones out of coins from all over the world.

You can purchase your own coin-rings from his Etsy store, but I doubt there are many Maltese-Lira-rings for sale.

What coin would you have turned into a wedding ring? Tell us in the comments below

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