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This Disgusting Photo Sums Up The Main Problem With Malta’s Mentality

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No-one likes to do boring chores. Taking your rubbish to a dustbin is one such chore, the kind of hassle that’ll make you try to quietly escape the problem and leave it to literally anyone else to do. But you do it, because that’s what you’re supposed to do.

Well, not everyone seems to feel that way. One image that is circulating online shows the lengths that some Maltese people will reach to not fully and suitably do their menial chores. 

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There are so many things to comment on in just one dirty picture. 

Check out the tin can and possible yoghurt carton hanging on for dear life on the right side, with the pizza box base as the only thing separating them from chilling where they are to a visit to the Wasteserv recycling plant.

Even though this is a designated Dog Waste Only can, you can assume the probable lack of much actual dog waste. 

In regards to how the trash was stacked, some have even said that this specific method of trash stacking was actually developed and patented by the Maltese, decades ago, back in the days of Mintoff. It’s called the ‘Jenga Method’, and originated in Msida, as can be seen from the experienced way the trash was stacked in that locality.

A key part of this method is not dropping any trash on the floor – this way, ain’t no environmental officer, warden or policeman gonna give you a fine for littering. 

More than anything, this picture just goes to show a common trait in the Maltese mentality; ‘uwijja mhux xorta‘.

They knew they had to throw their trash out, they wanted to throw their trash out, and they probably even felt like they did throw the trash out. 

But no one stopped to think what a mess it’s going to be when they need to collect this trash – most probably didn’t even realise it was meant for dog poop only, and not their leftover pizza.

At least these guys left their trash in the relatively correct area though – other cases are just dismal. 

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A piece of advice guys: when you have trash, in future, just find an empty, appropriate trash can, and simply throw it away there. 

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