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Gotta love a spot of warden shaming

Ticket Cover

A warden who tried to screw over an innocent parker got caught red handed and shaded on one of Malta's biggest Facebook groups The Salott, to everybody else's delight. 

Fay Gatt Camenzuli saw the warden giving a parking ticket to a white Alfa Romeo Giulietta for not having displayed the parking dial that indicates the time of arrival. But the dial was in fact displayed on the driver's side of the car.

Writing on The Salott in the hope of reaching the driver, Ms Gatt Camenzuli said: "I just went to tell him that it's very unfair that he gave you this ticket because he obviously didn't see it. I gave him the benefit of the doubt that it was an innocent mistake."

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But instead of cancelling it, the warden was "very rude" and told the woman not to interfere.

"I was very polite and he kept on mocking me and asking me if I would like to join the warden force."

Sure enough, the owner of the vehicle, Valerie Valente, soon got to know about the post.

"Can't thank you enough for sticking up for me with this so-called warden," said Ms Valente. "I shall be contesting the fine and will explain how arrogant this person was to you too, maybe he will be reprimanded. But unfortunately I don't hold out much hope that things will change in the future."

"The world is a much better place with people like you in it," she added. Too true.

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On behalf of everyone who gets bitten all too often by overzealous wardens, thank you Fay!

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