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These Awkward Qormi Traffic Signs Are The Perfect Metaphor For Malta’s Roads

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Are you perplexed by Maltese drivers’ innate disregard for the rules of the road? Don’t worry – we all are (even if we’re guilty of it), and traffic signs like this aren’t doing anything to help out. 

Snapped in Qormi, this photo posted on Facebook is an accurate summary of the would-be-funny-if-it-wasn’t-so-dangerous situation on our roads today.

The signs, one of which warns of road works ahead, the other asks drivers to stop, a third insists you cannot turn left but a fourth also states you can’t turn right either (yes, at a T-junction), have raised some eyebrows as to what to do next.

One comment under the post captured everyone’s sentiments with three short words; “għal ġol-ħajt”. Well, at least we’re hoping it was in reference the confusing signage as opposed to a direct driving instruction. 

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