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Throwing A House Party In Malta? Here Are All The Places You Need To Visit

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Summer’s warm weather and long days can only mean one thing if you live in Malta; partay. And while the island is graced with dozens of big parties and festivals, there’s nothing quite like organising your own do to make sure there’s the right amount of friends, booze and good tunes. 

If you’re looking into sourcing some goods for the big night, here’s where you need to go.

1. Party Supplies: Piscopo’s

Dozens of supermarkets all over the island will definitely be equipped for a summer of house parties, but if you’re in a hurry and want to make sure you get everything from one stop, your best bet is something like Piscopo’s Cash & Carry. 

Bonus points for their extra large, tray-level versions of everything from dips to dessert.

2. Disposables: AMC

One of the leading importers of packaging materials and disposables on the island, AMC prove there’s a box for everything. And if you’re running on plastic plates, cutlery and containers for your party food, consider al your problems instantly solved.  

Just be sure to clean up behind you!

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3. Alcohol: Red October

If you live anywhere in the south of Malta and have a long alcohol shopping list for a party, Red October will nearly always manage to cross off each and every item on there.

They started trading all the way back in 1997, and are one of the most successful importers on the island.

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4. More Alcohol (and mixers): Drinks & More

The very aptly-named Drinks & More in San Ġwann is basically a convenience shop’s final stage in the evolutionary spectrum. If you need a quick top up of anything from beer to syrups and from cigars to juices, this is it.

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5. Ice: Godwin’s Diamond Ice

This might come as a surprise to some tourists on their first visit to Malta, but we have specific places to get ice around the island. And while most of them are just solitary vendors on random corners, places like Godwin’s in Tal Balal road are a guaranteed place for all things cold. 

Ice cubes, crushed ice, flaked ice… Godwin’s belief is that “no special occasion is complete with ice”, and with Malta’s summers, they couldn’t be more right.

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6. Sound System: AV Warehouse

Whether you need to rent out a solid sound system or are looking into going big (and staying home) by setting up an entire stage and lighting in your backyard, these are the guys you need to speak to. The AV Warehouse have worked for anything from weddings to festivals, and their Żebbuġ warehouse has everything you could ever need… and then some.

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Tag a friend who’s organising a house party soon!

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