12 Of Malta's Most Popular Holiday Destinations And The Maltese People You'll Definitely Meet There

Basically, walking stereotypes

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The world is a very big place full of different countries and holiday ideas, and yet, most Maltese people still seem to hover around the same destinations year in year out. Here are 11 incredibly popular Maltese holiday destinations, and the Maltese people you'll most definitely meet there.

1. Catania

Maltese People: An old couple haggling over antique furniture and a bearded hipster living that authentic #AgriTuriżmu life with a batch of freshly-squeezed local olives.  

2. London

Maltese People: A family of seven ploughing through Primark searching for the best bargains, shouting at each other from opposite ends when they find something #GħaxarKalzettiTlettEwros

3. EuroDisney, Paris

Maltese People: A toddler who's too young to remember all of this, three extremely loud children who won't stop crying because Pluto scared them, and a couple who's just here for the Instagram uploads #WithMajPrinceCharming

4. Rome

Maltese People: Art students taking all the photos in the world and those two guys who were always abbatini finally making the trip to the Vatican #KemmHuĦeluLPapaLĠdidHux

5. Tunisia

Maltese People: Some rich businessman's child who spends 9 hours a day in the hotel swimming pool while dad's in meetings.

6. Lourdes

Maltese People: Your nanna's second cousin, queueing up for a couple of bottles of holy water on her fourth trip this year.

7. Livigno

Maltese People: A middle-aged couple who are still young at heart and have a newly-found love for skiing (and selfies). Oh, and spoilt children.

8. Tenerife

Maltese People: Those who think they're the only ones to have found a magical balance of going far away without really being far away #KonnaFlAtlantikuTaa

9. Corfu

Maltese People: That one person who randomly called in on a TV show, answered an extremely easy question, and won the flights and accommodation.

10. Pisa

Maltese People: A bunch of students posing with the tower who were instantly enticed by the idea of visiting the city when they found out the Ryanair flights from Malta cost €30.

11. Ayia Napa

Maltese People: A dozen already very drunk 20 somethings with matching t-shirts (or no t-shirts at all) #ImFromMaltaBitch #WithDBest

12. Amsterdam

Maltese People: Party animals who claim they're also there for a little bit of culture (read: marijuana). Bonus points if you can spot Sassy taking a photo with the huge S letter of the I am.sterdam sign.

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