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13 Reasons Malta Is The Best Place To Live If You’re Moving Abroad

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Following a survey last year which studied trends following people moving and settling away from their home country, the BBC have published a list of the most desirable countries for relocation. Malta makes the cut along with Taiwan, Ecuador, New Zealand, and Mexico.

Whilst we aren’t really surprised we’re on the list, we do feel obliged to give our own take on why Malta is the absolute best place to settle in if you decide to leave home. We’ve included a mix of obvious and non-obvious reasons. Here we go.

1. The weather really is all it’s cracked up to be

And, yes, 300 days of sunshine does make for a very happy life.

2. The beaches are amazing and easy to get to

You’re never more than 15 minutes away from the Mediterranean sea.

3. And they are some of the cleanest you’ll ever swim in

And we’ve got great advice on which beach is the best to swim in depending on the weather.

4. Swimming only stops for around 5 months

But only for some – many people swim throughout the whole year in Malta!

5. The food is a wonderful take on Mediterranean goodness

And the islands are currently going through something of a food revolution – so there’s never been a better time for foodies to consider Malta

6. It’s still quite cheap

So hurry up and move here before that changes…

(Tip: Look out for the fruit and veg trucks dotted all over the local villages – so cheap, SO delicious)

7. The locals are the cutest

Seriously, we dare you to find cuter old people who spend their day sitting outside their house creating beautiful hand-crafted lace.

8. As are the many island motifs

So much colour and simple joyfulness.

9. We have to mention the history…

Which goes back as far as 3600 BC!

10. People love going out

Just try and spend weekend night indoors after you’ve made friends with Maltese people. Yeah, let us know how that goes. 

11. Our capital is stunning

We know it, UNESCO knows it, and if you came here – you’d know it too.

12. We have pies filled with pasta

There are no mistakes in that sentence.

13. People will look out for you

The place is so small that everyone is on a first-name basis, and you will never be stranded, alone, or wanting for company. It’s really one rock full of love. 

So get packing. And if you want some more concrete info before you get here – we’ve also got you covered. See you soon!

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