9 Gozitan Gems You Need To Check Out Right Now

Time to show the sister isle the love she deserves

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Carnival weekend is back, which means Gozo is about brace itself for a whole load of Maltese. Specifically, Nadur.

Gozo is brimming with awesomeness, and between the haze of the Carnival stupor we've tallied up some of the most underrated places in Gozo you definitely need to check out. Just remember to leave them in one piece. 

1. Ta' Ċenċ cliffs

You may need to get yourself off the beaten track to get to Ta' Ċenċ, but the destination certainly makes the journey worth it. With nothing but countryside and crystalline views, this is the place to get a sunset shot. 

2. Giordan Lighthouse

Situated on the bang end of Għasri, the Giordan Lighthouse has got quite the uphill behind it, but once again, you're rewarded with spectacular views and a quaint little history nugget. The present lighthouse (which is still in operation) has been around since the mid-19th century and lies on the foundation of an earlier structure dating back to the 17th century. 

3. Wied ta’ Daħlet Qorrot

Head off Nadur's winding roads down into Daħlet Qorrot. The gentle slope down even leads off to a nature trail that winds all around the coast of San Filep Bay up into the countryside and back into Nadur! 

4. Dwejra Bay

This place may have lived in the shadow of its far more popular cousin, the Azure Window, for several years. Just a few hundred metres west of the fallen structure, Dwejra Bay spans the depths behind Fungus Rock into an untouched and undisturbed bay. The bay is perfect for a quiet walk or a small picnic along one of the many sheltered nooks that line the coast. 

5. Cittadella

Gozo's answer to Mdina has certainly popped on your radar a few times, but the tiny fortified city has undergone some major revamps over the last few years that will pique the interest of any tourist or history buff. The renovated moat is now fully accessible, new passages riddling the ancient city walls are now open to the public, and there's even a free interactive experience beneath the city entrance!

6. Tas-Salvatur Hill

If Gozo ever had a Jesus Rio statue, then this is it. Pack your best climbing shoes, and pull on your tracksuit, this place is everything it promises to be. Whether you want to grab a shot of the statue of Christ poised atop the hill, or catch a glimpse of Sicily on a clear day, Tas-Salvatur is possibly one of Gozo's most underrated spots. 

7. Ħondoq ir-Rummien trail

If you travel a little further beyond Ħondoq beach, you'll find a beautiful trailing coastline that leads practically all the way to the Mgarr Ferry Terminal, albeit in a very rugged way. You can catch a glimpse of Comino and Malta across the channel, and even watch the ferries come to and fro. 

8. Għammar Hill

Ta' Pinu is a staple Gozitan landmark, but you can totally up your Instagram game with a trip up neighbouring Għammar Hill. The walk itself is an art in and of itself, with statues paired to the Ta' Pinu cathedral marking the Catholic 'Stages of the Cross', and ending in a sprawling open auditorium, a shrine and a chapel. The structures are all based atop Għammar Hill's beautiful plateau, which offers a 360-view of all of Gozo. 

9. Ras il-Qala

If you think sunset shots are awesome, then wait until you catch the sunrise from Ras il-Qala. This place is set at the easternmost tip of Gozo and is just about as Mediterranean as you can get. You can even spot St. Anthony's Battery, one of two remaining in Gozo, which dates back to the mid-18th century. 

BONUS: San Blas Bay

Not so much a hidden gem as much as a massive uphill workout. This place is calm, secluded and has sands that are just as red as the neighbouring Ramla il-Ħamra. 

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