Calling All Travellers: Here's How You Can Register For Early Voting In Malta

If you're going to miss the elections, you can cast your vote a week earlier. Here's how to go about doing that

Lovin Malta Mep Local Council Early Voting

Both the MEP and Local Council elections are taking place all around Malta on the 25th of May, but people who will be unable to make it - either for travelling or hospitalisation reasons - still have the option to vote for their representatives one week earlier, this Saturday the 18th of May.

To register, all you need to do is go to the Counting Hall Complex in Naxxar, or 28A St Francis Square, Victoria (for those Gozitan travellers) with your ID or Residence card, before midday of Friday 17th May.

On the day of the early election, Maltese residents should still go to the Counting Hall, however Gozitan residents must go to the Government Experimental Farm in Mġarr Road, Xewkija. All voters must present their valid voting document.

Naxxar Trade Fair

Naxxar Counting Hall

Government Experimental Farm

Government Experimental Farm, Gozo

Gozo Square 2

St Francis Square, Victoria, Gozo

For more information, you can visit the government website here.

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Simon Zammit