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Can You Guess How Much The Average Airbnb Price In Malta Is?

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Top vacation rental site Airbnb has a come a very long way in a short time. This new craze in accommodation has also made it to Malta, and we’re killing the game with stunning properties like these in Valletta. But even if Airbnb’s famously affordable prices have taken over the world, each and every country is bound to have its own range of affordability, and some places might be (significantly) cheaper than others. 

In recent research published on their site, Vouchercloud shared a map of Europe showing Airbnb average prices all over the continent. The data was collected based on the average price of a stay in each country for one guest as of February 2017. This study took the lowest available price of each property, as some rentals’ prices fluctuating according to season.

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Out of the 50 countries that are listed, Malta ranks the 32nd cheapest place… or the 19th most expensive. 

According to this research, Malta’s average Airbnb price is €62. 

The cheapest European stay is currently Macedonia at €30, with the most expensive being Iceland at €129. In other words, Malta’s average prices are more than double the cheapest country in Europe, but less than half of the most expensive one.

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Interestingly, while Malta is just slightly cheaper than popular destinations like France and Luxembourg, it’s actually more expensive than countries like Germany, Greece, Spain and Italy. The UK, one of the favourite destinations for the Maltese, sits at a very high fifth-most-expensive, with an average of €86.

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