Check Out Malta's 12 New Ryanair Destinations

New getaways are always a good thing

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The Malta International Airport is about to get even busier now that Ryanair announced twelve additional Maltese destinations. Ryanair's CCO, David O'Brien, just linked these cities to Luqa with the apparent aim of bringing a staggering 2.5 million people to the island next year. Next time you feel the holiday itch, you can add these 12 beautiful cities to your escapist daydreams.

1. Aberdeen, Scotland

The stunning Scottish city is the third largest in the country. Winding cobble stoned streets and gorgeous granite buildings await you on your Scottish getaway.

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2. Belfast, Northern Ireland

The capital of Northern Ireland is not only aesthetically beautiful, but its jam-packed with history around every corner. Black Taxi rides are a must for a historical tour around this gem of a city, where the nightlife is top-notch and the music scene will get you on your feet.


3. Seville, Spain

This Spanish city is home to not one, not two - but three UNESCO World Heritage sites. From the sprawling architectural beauty and Christopher Colombus' burial site to a pumping nightlife, Seville has something for everyone.


4. Pescara, Italy

Unbeatable Adriatic beaches, amazing food with world class olive oil, and artwork from Picasso and Miró on display at the Vittoria Colonna Museum of Modern Art are all there for the taking.

Ok, you can't take the Picassos, but you can take them in.

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5. Bratislava, Slovakia

Stunning Baroque architecture and 15th century castles are notable features of this historically rich city. If you're lucky, you might just catch the world class Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra performing in an 18th century palace as well.

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6. Gothenberg, Sweden

Sweden's second largest city has something for everyone; the Liseberg Amusement Park, world class cuisine, the Gothenberg Museum of Art, and the Way Out West Music Festival during the summer. It's hard to beat getting spoilt for choice.


7. Paris Beauvais, France

The City of Love. There's so much more to Paris than getting that selfie with the Eiffel Tower, but everyone who's been is guilty of such a shot, so we won't judge. Amazing food, literary and art history spills out onto every street, exquisite wine and breathtaking architecture. What more needs to be said!

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8. Porto, Portugal

Portugal's second largest city is home to 'old town' UNESCO World Heritage site Ribeira, overlooking the Duoro river. With both 14th century architecture and a strong industrial present, Porto is a phenomenal combination of both classic and contemporary Portugal.


9. Tallin, Estonia

This small medieval city is safe and very manageable to explore on foot. The Open Air Museum gives tourists a glimpse into typical rural Estonian taverns, windmills and watermills. 

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10. Barcelona, Spain (Extended services)

While Malta already offers flights to Barcelona, there is now a new extended service to Barcelona's main airport. Las Ramblas, Tapas, Cidre, Gaudi, Wine, Tapas, Tapas, Tapas...


11. Naples, Italy (Extended Services)

Extended services to Naples from Malta will be available as of this winter. Our neighbours to the north host views of Pompeii and Herculaneum entombed in lava by the infamous eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD., as well as a breathtaking open-air museum, world class opera and theatre and of course amazing cuisine.


12. Riga, Latvia (Extended Services)

Ryanair is also offering extended services to Riga this winter. The Latvian capital's Art Nouveau center has won it a UNESCO World Heritage Site designation, and its old-town has a lively of nightlife with top-tier cuisine. 

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Which new destination will you hit first? Let us know in the comments and tag someone you'd love to take with you!

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