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Free Bus Rides! Malta Public Transport Has Some Great News For Late Night Travellers This Easter

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Long weekends and sunny weather were just meant to be, and you can’t get any better than Easter Weekend in Malta. Now, Malta Public Transport’s new offer is making the island’s buses an even more enticing travel option this Easter season.

For those of us who enjoy a fun night out, be it partying and drinking or watching movies with your friends, when the time comes to say goodbye, we’ve all at some point had to decide between paying for a taxi home or using the night busses… unless you own a car in which case I’m jealous, so politely leave the room (but not the article, and do not drink and drive).

You can travel for free this Easter

That’s right! From the 19th to the 30th of April, anyone with a personalised Tallinja Card will be given two free rides on any of the night routes operating around the island.

No applications, no registry; as long as you own a bus card, your first two night journeys will be fully refunded.

You can find a full list of the available night routes here.

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