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From Malta To The Peak Of Africa: 16 Adventurers Launch Quest To Build A Primary School In Ethiopia

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As far as adventure holidays go, scaling Mount Kilimanjaro, African’s tallest mountain, must rank pretty high on the list.

On New Year’s Eve this year, a group of 16 adventurers will depart Malta for Tanzania on an epic journey to climb the mountain, a trip that is expected to last eight days. 

However, the Kilimanjaro Challenge, now in its 13th year, is about more than just the thrill of the climb. Before they depart, the volunteers intend to raise around €100,000 to help finance the construction of a primary school in the Ethiopian town of Bonga.

Austin Cachia, the challenge’s co-organiser, explained that the idea behind the project came from the people of Bonga themselves, who don’t have a qualified primary school.

“The implementation of this project will have a considerable impact and advantage for the school age children of Bonga and their families,” he said. “The direct beneficiaries are 450 children from 7-12 years old around Bonga where the project is going to be implemented. The project will also indirectly benefit families of the surrounding communities whose children will have improved education, malnutrition and poverty-associated problems.”

Posted by Kilimanjaro Challenge Malta on Saturday, July 20, 2019

The Kilimanjaro Challenge’s founder Keith Marshall said the past twelve challenges managed to raise over €820,000 for twelve projects in Ethiopia and Kenya, all of which were orchestrated by the ‘Missionary Movement Jesus In Thy Neighbour’, founded by the late Fr George Grima.

Past projects included the construction of a school and convent in the Ethiopian village of Bulbula, a house hosting 100 physically disabled children in Kenya, a clinic in Sakko, kindergarten schools in Gambella, Dembidolo, Jemu and Wush, and a centre for disabled children in Bonga.

The members will be organising events throughout the year to collect the donations, with the next one a BBQ at the Hilton Hotel on 28th July.

The 16 adventurers are  Abraham Pace, Andrej Tabero, Audrey Sciberras, Christian Cordina, Cinzia Fenech, Jean Paul Farrugia, Jessica Friggieri, Jonathan Galea, Lisa Marie Cini, Luca Cacciattolo, Marica Aquilina, Mario Cauchi, Marius Calleja, Matthew Farrugia, Ryan Aqulina, and Silvan Zammit.

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