From Paris To Abu Dhabi: The Cutest Globetrotter On Instagram Has Landed In Malta

We could recognise those views from anywhere!

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Instagram users be prepared; a new travel guru has just landed on our islands and we cannot get enough of him. Juan Licuado, a self-diagnosed recovering dulce de leche addict, has been travelling the globe since last December. The cute llama has been uploading photos in different countries for the past couple of months, and has recently landed on Malta's very own sunny shores.

The first photo from the island was uploaded three weeks ago with a mysterious "Can you guess where I am?" Right up to 19 hours ago, however the llama was still seen strolling all around Malta. He has also contemplated becoming a fisherllama when he visited the lovely shores of Marsaxlokk, and even got himself a bit of a tan in Sliema. 

This fluff puff even went on a cultural trip to the Co-Cathedral of St. John, which he thinks is absolutely stunning. Thanks!

We don’t know for how long this fluffy visitor will stay on our shores, but we cannot wait to see more adorable photos of him posing at local villages and landmarks around the country.

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Chiara Micallef