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He’s Only Gone And Done It! Maltese Traveller Spends A Week In Norway On A Budget Of €50, Makes More Money While He’s There

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Last month, we told you all about Matt Cassar’s mission to travel Norway on a budget of €50. Guess what? He’s back and he’s only gone and achieved the seemingly impossible.


He kept us all updated on each day’s activities through his Facebook page and, honestly, he’s inspired us all to start thinking about tight-budget travelling…


He arrived in Torp and was given a lift by a Maltese guy into Oslo, where he was being hosted by a lovely local called Bettina.

Day 2 saw him hiking through the woods around his host’s house.


He even foraged for mushrooms to make up his meal of the day.

The third day, Matt was a bit tired from walking around for the last two days, so he spent it at the beach.


While he was there, he held a one-man mini clean up and managed to trade the bottles he’d collected in for Krona which he then used to buy himself a drink that night while he was attending a drag show.

By the middle of his week, Matt hadn’t exactly made it to Trolltunga but he did check out the awesome Sculpture Park.


Day 5 is where things got really good.


Matt was invited to stay with a local woman and her mother in their house after reading the article we ran of Matt announcing his trip.

Tonje got in touch after seeing the article as she is a huge fan of the Maltese islands and can even speak the language, accent and all. How cute!

On the penultimate day of his travels, Matt took some time to reflect on the incredible journey he’d been on.


And he took a swim in a mossy water feature ‘cos he was too lazy to get to the river he’d planned on, but that’s fair enough – if I’d have been walking around for almost a week flat I’d demand to be carried around like Mariah on a throne.

As the week drew to a close, Matt took a tumble on his bike.


But that didn’t stop him from carrying on with the rest of his day. He set up camp in some woods but was woken up by the cold weather, so he headed down to a bar for a final drink before catching some z’s in a hotel lobby.

Have you tried travelling on a strict budget like Matt? Share your cheap travel memories with us!

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