Japan's Massive 'Air Force One' Jumbo Jet Lands In Malta

Making everything else look like ants

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If you heard a massive rumbling sound yesterday and wondered why no one reported any explosions around Malta, we may have just found an explanation. 

A Boeing 747 jumbo jet known as 'Japan's Air Force One' practiced landing in Malta ahead of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's visit to Malta later this month. The aircraft will also be used during Mr. Abe's visit to Sicily to attend the G7 meeting there, and will stay in Malta for the duration of the meetings.

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Apart from this specific plane's importance as the Japanese Prime Minister's exclusive aircraft, its particular model is also one which rarely makes an appearance on Malta's runway. Even with all the different planes around it (including a huge Emirates one), the jumbo jet pretty much dwarfed everything around it.

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Photos by Baskal Mallia

The jumbo jet forms part of a fleet of two Boeing 747s which are officially referred to as Japanese government exclusive aircraft (日本国政府専用機), but their radio callsigns are Japanese Air Force One and Japanese Air Force Two. This is no doubt a nod at the iconic Air Force One, an extremely modified and unique jumbo jet which is used to carry the President of the United States of America.

The Japanese Air Force One will be replaced by a more modern Boeing 777 by 2019, making this week's appearance in Malta even more special.

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Did you get to see this huge plane in person? Tell us about it and share your photos in the comments.

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