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Just One Month Before Malta’s Airport Fully Reopens, The Question Remains: Would You Travel?

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If you could suddenly be allowed to travel again after months of quarantine and shutdowns, would you? With mere weeks separating Maltese people from that reality, that question has dominated conversations (and heated arguments) nationwide in the last 24 hours.

Yesterday afternoon, the government announced that, following the cautious reopening of Malta’s airport on 1st July to fly passengers to and from some 19 different regions, the island is set to reopen its doors to the remaining destinations as of 15th July.

To some, the announcement didn’t really matter much; they weren’t planning on flying out anyway, and this didn’t really sway them. Others saw it as a grim warning of some incoming wave of infections. Meanwhile, others couldn’t wait to get on the first flight out of here.

In a Lovin Malta poll published yesterday afternoon to which over 5,000 people responded, some 60% of people said they don’t plan on travelling overseas before the end of 2020.

In the comments section, however, the situation looked very balanced, with heated debates and passionate comments arguing in favour of either side.

“I love Malta with all my heart, and there’s no place on Earth I would rather be, but I think it’s too early to fly,” one person commented. “See you next year beautiful Malta and Gozo.”

“I can’t wait to come back to Malta but have rescheduled to next April to be on safe side but if UK allowed in hoping for a sneaky week with my husband in October this year,” another followed… only to be shut down by one person saying, “I hope they are not allowed until they have a major decrease in virus cases.”

But while some were adamant on playing it safe, others couldn’t be more eager to leave. 

“I’ll be on the first flight wherever it takes me,” one person affirmed, with others saying they’ll “definitely” travel this year.

“I can’t wait to fly again,” another chimed in, with one person saying he’s literally “counting the minutes to fly again”.

And even though travelling in 2021 – even January, for that matter – seems to be acceptable by most people, the issue of a holiday anytime in 2020 still appears to be a divisive one.

What do you make of this? Are you planning on travelling overseas before the end of the year?

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