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Leading Maltese Travel Agency Pledges To Come Back Stronger: ‘We Can Fear The Fire Or Become It’

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Working in the travel industry in 2020 certainly hasn’t been the easiest experience, but a leading Maltese travel industry has pledged to come back stronger from these trying times.

“When tough times come our way, we really only have two options. We can simply fear the fire, or become it,” ROCS Group director Rachel Vella said.

“COVID-19 has been a nightmare for many of us, especially those in the travel & tourism industry.”

“In our case, we are not only wiping out 2020, yet sadly to say we are even wiping out 2019 too… and to add to this, who knows what the future holds? Will people ever get back to travelling freely, as we have previously been accustomed to?”

“Maturity, they say, is the capacity to ensure uncertainty. Yet having said that, there’s one thing which I am fully sure of, and that is, we at the ROCS Group are resilient.”

Vella said ROCS handles between 25,000-30,000 clients a year and the workload they have faced in tackling their clients’ concerns in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic has been incomparable.

“We have been shouted at, and gravely threatened by certain individuals who surely have no idea what the word prudence is all about, and although we still don’t yet know when this coronavirus crisis will fully pass, at ROCS Travel we are used to dealing with challenging situations, in view of the large number of clients we handle every year,” she said.

“Undoubtedly, now with COVID-19 on our résumé, we will come out of this challenging situation stronger than we have ever been before.”

“Do not get me wrong, it will not be getting any easier for us for the time being given that we are still tackling client issues from morning until evening on a daily basis. Yet just as prior to COVID-19 we had grown to become the best in Malta, such a circumstance will only help us grow stronger than ever.”

“Notwithstanding all challenges we have been faced with, our determination is still 100% there. It might take a week, maybe a month, or perhaps even a few of them too, yet WE WILL get back there.”

Vella ended her status by quoting the famous anthem of Premier League champions Liverpool FC.

“At the end of a storm, there’s a golden sky…and WE WILL walk on with hope in our heart’ and WE WILL look forward to sharing the beauty of the skies and that of travel with you all again,” she said.

“On behalf of our beloved Chairman Charles Alexander Vella, my fellow Directors, our CEO, Managers, and fabulous ROCS team, we augur all the very best to all ROCS Travel Partners local and foreign. Let the ‘new normal’ of travelling begin…..”

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