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PN Wants Air Malta To Cut Its Flight Costs By €25 To Encourage Tourism Amidst Coronavirus Fears

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Air Malta should temporarily reduce all its flight costs by €25 to incentivise tourism to the island amidst a declining global appetite for travel over fears of contracting the COVID-19 coronavirus.

“As reported in the media, the spread of COVID-19 is leaving negative effects on Malta’s tourism sector,” PN spokesperson Robert Arrigo, who himself owns a travel company, said. “The PN is therefore proposing that Air Malta reduces its flights by €25 until the end of March and that it doesn’t charge customers when they change their flight dates. This should incentivise the sector to start recovering immediately.”


Maltese hoteliers have already started feeling the pinch, with the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association confirming that the industry is starting to experience a slowdown, although it is hopeful the situation will improve in the next few weeks.

Around 5,8000 people responded to a Lovin Malta Facebook poll which asked respondents whether they would consider changing their travel plans over fears of the coronavirus. The majority, 57%, said they would consider changing their plans while 43% said they wouldn’t.

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