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9 Reasons You Need To Travel With Your Maltese Besties Way More Often

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A lot of Maltese people have a near-obsession with travelling. We love our home but we’re also aware than being from such a small island means there’s still so much out there we need to see.

While travelling alone or with family is fun, there really is no action like the one you take with your group of besties, and here’s why.

1. The Maltese love food

There will be zero judgement among Maltese friends if most of your plans for the holiday revolve around food joints. 

“On the way to the Louvre there’s this amazing shop selling fresh pasta and this other amazing cafe with the best croissants…”

2. We’re not used to having our own place so pre-drinks are wild

Firstly, we’ll always grossly overestimate how much booze we need – but we’re also not known to waste a single drop. Living with our parents for so long means we’re always down for an in-house party to get things going.

3. We understand the unifying power of a siesta 

Plans before going out? Of course we have plans – we’re gonna huddle on a sofa, blanket up and nap, nap, nap. Goodnight, and wake us when the wine is open.

4. And the importance of calls home

While others may judge you for your daily calls to your parents, Maltese besties understand: there’s no escaping the call. Hell, they’ll probably pass the phone around and take turns saying hi to your mother.

5. We can talk shit about whoever we want and they’ll never know

The Maltese language is the gift that keeps on giving, and you become acutely aware of this when you need to bitch about the people in front of you or discuss the price of something right there in the shop.

6. All Maltese people are impressed by the same mundane things

Nobody’s gonna judge you if you stop to take the perfect Insta-shot of a metro cos they know – we don’t have none of those back home.

7. We encourage each other to do stupid shit

Maltese friends are fiercely loyal, but we’re also very attached to the idea of watching our besties do stupid things for our entertainment. 

The phrase ‘ħadd ma jafna hawn” is tossed around almost hourly in the hopes of inciting the next big story.

8. We love to show the foreigners how the Maltese party 

Combining all the above points is enough proof that we’re always down to party. The strategic siesta, the food-lined stomach, the pre drinks and the down-for-anything attitude mean we’re gonna tear up any club.

9. But at the end of the day we always get hella patriotic together

No matter how drunk you are, or how in love with the city you may be, at some point you and your friends will be surrounded by foreigners and you’ll slip into the same talking points, taking turns to boast about your home island:

Friend 1: “We have our own language, ta!”

Friend 2: “In Malta there’s a whole village of clubs, and you don’t have to pay to get in!”

Friend 3: “And you’re always like 10 minutes from the beach.”

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