The Most-Liked #LovinMalta Instagram Shots For 2017

Those sunsets though...


Our ever-growing Instagram fanbase truly has some amazingly creative people that have truly reinvented #LovinMalta over the last twelve months. 

From nostalgic shots to magical sunsets, here's the best twelve photos for 2017, in descending order by number of likes. 

12. Peering through the streets of Valletta

Starting solid with 1,735 likes, this photo was snapped by ryandaniel__

11. Pink sky at sunrise

Photo by josi_floyd

10. Luzzu paradise

Photo by ryandaniel__

9. The beautiful lights of Birgufest

Photo by laura _strax

8. Feline takeover in Nadur

Photo by nadine.creaturesoul

7. Glorious sunsets over Għajn Tuffieħa

Photo by jos_awad

6. A sneak peek of the newly-restored Triton Fountain

Photo by gillygau

5. Gorgeous scenery of the northern coastline

Photo by micagius

4. As pretty as a postcard

Photo by @maltadoors

3. Proof that Gozo rocks the Christmas light game

Photo by @mattbart09

2. Straight out of a Van Gogh painting

Photo by @runa_nightsongwoods

1. The Azure Window, gone but never forgotten

Well done to peter.rajkai, this one's a clear winner with 3,706 likes!

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