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The Ultimate Packing Guide For Your Holiday In Malta

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Malta is the perfect place to holiday. It’s warm for most of the year, it’s easy to get around, people are friendly, it’s relatively inexpensive – it’s a tourist’s haven. But, year after year – without fail – people eager to travel to our beloved islands make the same rookie packing mistakes. 

So here’s a few tips on how to get it right the first time. Grab a pen – these things all need to be in your suitcase.

1. Closed shoes

Even though we do have over 300 days of sunshine in Malta, winter still happens. Also, you might want to go for a countryside walk in the hotter months (brave), and our terrain is not rollings fields of grass – it’s rugged limestone and shrubbery. Bring closed shoes. 

2. Cash

Maltese currency is the euro, and you should always carry a small amount of it with you as you traipse around the islands. Most medium to big establishments will take card, but local fruit and veg vans peppered around the island won’t – and it would be a sin to miss out on their delicious stock. 

3. Good hair products

Don’t be fooled into thinking your hair will look like sea-salted perfection throughout your whole holiday. Humidity in Malta is cray. Remember to pack either your best hair tongs or a bucket-load of curl cream. And don’t forget your hair sun protection products either!

4. Sunglasses

As many as you can fit in. Cold or hot – the sun still shines and you won’t be let in to any outdoor dining establishment without them.  

5. A light jacket

In spring, summer, and autumn you’re still going to want to bring a cover up for the evenings. Remember the humidity we spoke about earlier? It makes you shiver like a leaf once the sun goes down. 

6. Pyjamas

If you’re coming to Malta in the winter months, make sure to pack something warm to sleep in. We don’t do central heating like colder countries, so you’re going to have to insulate yourself.

7. A good camera

This kind of goes without saying for any holiday, but Malta is choc-a-block full of photo-ops. Don’t miss even one. 

8. Sun screen 

Don’t forget sun protection. Our UV index gets high quite early on in the year – so we’d recommend wearing it as early as March up to November if you want to be completely safe.

9. Insect repellent

Yes, we know you’re not going on an African safari. But don’t be too quick to write us off, you’ll thank us when you’re sleeping sound in your Gozo farmhouse whilst your best friend is contemplating suicide because of the incessant buzzing sound.

10. Tissues

In case you’re ever in desperate need of relief and our public services are not having their best day – best to come prepared. 

11. Flip-flops

No, it doesn’t matter what month it is. They weight nothing and you’ll be sorry when all your everyone’s’ toes are free except yours on that freak heatwave weekend in March.

12. Layers

You think you’re spending a low-key day out in capital and so you go for winter-chic. Then you discover that that time you trained for Kilimanjaro was easier than the two hours of exploration before lunch. Malta’s terrain is hilly – you’ll be breaking a sweat while sight-seeing no matter what season. 

Don’t forget to use #LovinMalta with all your Instagram holiday snaps when you visit Malta!

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