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The Wandering Four: Maltese Parents Take Their Young Kids Wherever They Travel And We Are SO Jealous

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There’s just something about visiting Borneo before you’ve hit puberty that pretty much means your outlook on life will never be the same again.

For Michella and Anthony Scicluna, though, travelling with their seven and five-year-old children was never out of the question – and their family travel page The Wandering Four is perfect proof that sometimes, kids just need to be taken out to the great outdoors.

“We travel as a family because we want our children to see the beautiful and diverse world they live in, together as a family,” Michella told Lovin Malta.

“We want them to learn that everything is achievable in life, no matter how difficult the road might be,” she said. “We try to push our children’s boundaries from an early age, and traveling long distances should never be seen as a deterrent for a family to travel with children, but as an opportunity.”

And she means it – apart from visiting sites all over Europe, the family have been to places like Vietnam, Malaysia, Borneo, and Sri Lanka, and are currently looking to China, Taiwan and the Philippines as next destinations.

As unique and beautiful as each place is, some of the destinations just stand out

“We would say Malaysia and Borneo were our favourites, without any discredit to other countries,” she said. “Malaysia and Borneo have everything to offer – they tick all the right boxes, especially when it comes to food, nature and culture.”

And when their son Ninu slipped and smashed his chin open in Borneo, the treatment they received from the “exceptional” medical team endeared them to the country even more.

And you never know where your travels may take you

“We have come to learn that although we do a lot of research before-hand we don’t book and plan all the trip in advance. Rather, we go with the flow and this has helped make many a memorable experience. One particular instance is when we ended up fishing and staying overnight at a fisherman’s house and his family,” she recounts.

“They fed us just like no other Maltese family would – the cherry on the cake was that their house was literally on the beach! This experience was definitely unplanned it yet we embraced it with open arms and an open mind.”

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Part of the reason Michella wanted to set up The Wandering Four’s page is to show other Maltese parents how very doable it was – and to offer them support and tailor-made itineraries

“We are now creating and discussing an itinerary for Malaysia and Borneo from backpacking to must-see places to food and tours,” Michella says, inviting interested parents to get in touch with her.

“All the leg work will be done for any family who would like to have their first Asian adventure,” she continued.

To any parents bitten by the travel bug who are feeling nervous about going into the outside world with their children, Michella has a spot of advice

“Go for it, don’t even think twice!” she says without hesitation.

“Sometimes, the people holding back our children, are none other than ourselves,” she continues. “Children are resilient and can easily adapt to a new adventure so we shouldn’t let our own fears and doubts hold our children back from having amazing adventures at such a young age. We bet that it will be even better than one might have ever expected!”

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