This London-Based Maltese Taxi Company Has Been Taking Care Of Maltese Tourists For Years

The only minicab company any Maltese should ever call when in London


London is a beloved and familiar destination for many a Maltese traveller -  but some Maltese have discovered a special way of getting about the city.

The London Minicab Service is a Maltese family-run cab service in London, who especially love picking up Maltese families coming on holiday and giving them some useful tips about the city.

Founded in 2011, LMS has quickly made a name for itself with the travelling Maltese community, not least for their efficiency, professionalism, and assumedly, their awesome accents.

LMS even handled the couriering of Puttinu Cares patients who needed to travel to London for treatment, where they made sure the Maltese patients were treated with the care they deserved.

So much so, that when a new company was brought in to take care of the Puttinu Cares Patients, people started complaining.

"Originally when I started the company I was operating a small network of cars covering transfers for the Maltese Health department including Puttinu cares. We were overwhelmed by the amount of support and praise we received," says Anthony Delicata, the company director, to Lovin Malta. 

Mr. Delicata explained how over half of the company's clients are Maltese, before opening up about why they are so special to the company.

"The Maltese are unique. I love having that connection with our clients where we can relate to things which I cannot do with other non-Maltese clients," he says. "It gives our Maltese drivers, myself included, a feeling of being home, as well as having the feeling of pride that a Maltese family-run company can make a mark within one of the biggest cities of the world."

"Within time we began to target Maltese families living within London and hotels based in London such as the Fairway Hotel and the Luna Simone Hotel," he continues. "As time went on we received a lot of enquiries from Maltese tourists visiting London which at first we thought we would never receive due to such a competitive market but once the word spread the Maltese showed us a lot of loyalty and trust. Without them we wouldn’t have got where we are now."

Though Mr. Delicata runs a business in a financial capital of the world, he understands how important the Maltese connection can be to visitors who might be overwhelmed by the city. As such, he thanks the Maltese community in London, as well as his dedicated staff.

"We hope that we can be more than just a minicab service, but also a point of call if they need absolutely anything regardless of what it is. A friend from home, in a way," he says - and his customers would definitely agree. 

Whether you are travelling to London for the first time and need some tips, returning and need an efficient drop-off, or live in London and miss some speaking in Maltese, call up the London Minicab Service and get a little taste of Malta while you get around.

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