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4 Insanely Useful Online Hacks To Survive Malta’s Upcoming Election Season

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With each passing election, more and more votes are won (or lost) online, and mostly through social media. If you’ve been anywhere near an internet connection in the last few days you’ll know how serious things can get, so if you’re looking for a few ways to cool off, these are perfect for you.

1. You can unfollow people’s posts without offending them

This means you won’t see any of the annoying updates they’re posting without ruining an old friendship because you’ve deleted them from your life. They’ll be none the wiser, and your newsfeed will be a breath of fresh silence.

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So long Jessie… no more yellow beanie for me

2. You can remove all distractions from Facebook, without deleting your profile

There are several extensions you can download for you browser that will simply remove all posts on your newsfeed while still allowing you to follow events, use Facebook chat and keep up with everything going on all around you.

This way, you won’t be bothered by, or drawn into, new posts on your Facebook homepage.

Blank Newsfeed

3. You can add an extension to filter out keywords

If you’re looking to remove all political posts from your feed, but still see your friends’ Instagrammed lunches, you can download an extension that will help you filter out specific keywords. The details of how to install it can be found here.

Some users have complained that their Facebook has slowed down because of this, but others insist it works flawlessly.

4. You can prioritise your favourite news outlets and friends’ statuses

Whether you’re desperate for non-political content, or really value the opinion of specific outlets, you can set your Facebook to notify you when individuals or pages post, or prioritise it to always see new stories at the top of your newsfeed.


BONUS: Try other social media

Facebook in Malta usually sees you stuck with a lot of ‘friends’ you’re not actually friends with. If you’re looking for a change of pace try signing up for something like Twitter and following your favourite celebs/newscasters/friends.

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