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8 Simple Things Every Maltese Person Can Do To Save The Environment

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Clean ups are a great way to help achieve a cleaner Malta, but it would be even better if the work started at home. These life hacks are extremely easy to follow, but can go a very long way to promoting a much more sustainable lifestyle.

1. Glass bottles over plastic any day

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Skip the plastic bottles; use a glass bottle that you can fill up at work or at home. Also, swap your large plastic bottles for the reusable water dispensers.

2. Refuse plastic bags in supermarkets

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Bring your own bags; they can be mesh or textile ones. Plastic bags are one of the biggest threats to the marine life at the moment. Pay a visit to your local farmers’ market instead of buying packaged fruit and vegetables.

3. Go for local

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Cook food from scratch and use local products. This way you skip unnecessary packaging and the food tastes better. It’s also actually much cheaper than you think!

4. Don’t use plastic forks

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Stop using disposable forks and knives at your BBQs. Greasy items will not be recycled but end up on the landfill. Just keep it classy and take your own, washable cutlery the next time you hit up the beach.

5. Up your straw game

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Straws are very popular in our society, but really, your vodka redbull doesn’t need a straw to taste any better.

6. DIY or Die

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There are plenty of things you never thought about doing yourself; shampoo, tooth paste or dish liquid. To go zero waste or zero plastic is a very natural step towards sustainability, and you will realise how much information is out there and also how fun it can be.

7. Go old-fashioned with your teas

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Skip all tea and coffee that comes in bags or capsules. Go old fashioned and use loose-leaf tea and coffee. It tastes better and is cheaper! It can be bought in bulk from several shops in Malta. You can even bring your own container for totally zero waste! Also, ground coffee is perfect in the garden as a pest repellent.

8. Upcycling is as important as Recycling

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Use your imagination. Everything we throw away can be reused in one way or another. Kids are usually very good at coming up with ideas!

Share this post and let’s raise awareness on creating a more sustainable Malta!

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