28 Most Incredible Maltese Music Videos

Honestly, there's just too much talent on this tiny island!

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Back in the days when MTV was good (read: a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away), watching the top music videos of foreign singers and bands at home with our families had a big probability of leading the conversation to the same conclusion: "Imma kif hawn Malta qatt ma jkun hemm xi ħaġa sura hekk hux?!" ("But why don't we ever have anything this good in Malta?!")

Well, you could (perhaps) argue that this was true back then, but it definitely isn't anymore. Here are 28 music videos you definitely need to know about, from various different eras and genres around the island.

1. Red Electrick - Everybody's Listening

The real issue here was choosing which Red Electrick music video to put! Their latest release from earlier this year is definitely one of their best yet!

2. Beangrowers - Genzora

This song and video is how the Beangrowers decided to greet the millennium. When it comes to cult videos, this is as iconic as they get, and it comes from one of Malta's best, and most successful bands to date.

3. No Bling Show - Luċija u Samwel

Catchy song and good lyrics to chew on? Sign us up any day. Featuring a guest appearance by Brikkuni's Mario Vella and starring Cliff Falzon from Insurgence (and later Divide The Skyline), this one's definitely a local case of a dream team.

4. The Areola Treat - Radio On

It took The Areola Treat—one of the alternative scene's heavweights—seven years and two albums to release their first music video. After such a long time and with such a large following, there was no denying that this was going to be one for the books the moment it went up online.

5. Airport Impressions - Walk With Me

Released in 2012 during a particularly productive couple of years for both the mainstream and alternative music scenes, this video quickly propelled Airport Impressions (no pun intended) as a household name on more than just the radio. And with the high-budget yet simple video they managed to pull off, it's easy to see why.

6. Brodu - Iċ-Ċimiterju

Although this song (and its music video) hasn't even been out for two full years, you'll find a lot of people claiming that this is one of their all-time favourite things to come out of Malta. With nearly 24,000 views, this video is beautifully simple from start to finish.

7. Clandestines - Serbian Dog

The beauty of Malta is that in such a tiny island, high budget music videos can coexist with great DIY ones. And this offering from Clandestines proves that they both end up turning out to be exactly what their audiences are looking for. Refreshing, funny, and, if we want to be honest, pretty relatable!

8. Mathematikal - That Kind of Girl

When it comes to the alternative clubbing scene, Mathematikal ruled the last decade. Directed by freelance videographer Cedric Vella, with guest cameos from half the scene, one of their last releases was also one of their best. 

And hey, who can't relate with living in a country where people go from long nights of raves to going to mass within a couple of hours?

9. Loathe - Bucketlove

What's that we hear you say? Metalheads take their music too seriously? They look like they're always ready to pick a fight over nothing? Loathe are here to prove you wrong. We dare you to watch this video and not smile a couple of dozen times.

10. Marmalja - Pressjoni

Remember how famous Eminem got in the 90s for having the cojones to say things a lot of people would've been thinking about all along? Enter Marmalja with a song and video that doesn't hold back and doesn't mind not taking any prisoners.  "Mhux hawn biex nilgħab jien man."

11. nosnow/noalps - Disappear

Another one of those bands that has far too many good music videos to choose just one. Frontman Nick Morales has his own company, No Sweat Productions, that has directed a lot of alternative bands' music videos, but this particular gem comes courtesy of Matthew James Borg from Railway Studios...and Red Electrick. Solid proof that great things can come from seemingly unlikely collaborations. 

12. Stolen Creep - Wolves

Albeit currently inactive, Stolen Creep were (and still are) one of the definitive female alternative bands in Malta, and we're willing to bet it's going to stay like that for a while.

13. Three Stops to China - Enemy Club Song

Another alternative band that has currently gone quiet, straight from some of the busiest couple of years in the Maltese music scene.  

14. Plato's Dream Machine - Temenza

Currently the darlings of the alternative scene, PDM gave us two music videos from their last album Għera. They're currently working on their second album, and if this song, its video, and their recent gigs are anything to go by - it'll become a modern classic within hours.

15. Fuzzhoneys - Doors

Over the last two years, this female duo has taken the island by storm, appearing pretty much everywhere a guitar and a drumkit were available. Although we hate to say it, unless you recognize the landmarks or know the ladies personally, you wouldn't be blamed for thinking that this music video is actually not Maltese.

16. CRUX - Interlude / Tell Me

For all your chilling needs, here are the cloaked guys from Crux with a track for those quiet nights at the beach and a sky full of stars.

17. Sempliċiment Tat-Triq - Iswed Tnejn Zokkor

It doesn't get any more Maltese than Serkin and the accented rapping of Sempliċiment Tat-Triq. This music video is as good a sneak peak into the Maltese lifestyle as you could ever hope for.

18. Skimmed - Ronnie

Since this video was released in 2013, Skimmed members Alexandra Aquilina and Daniel Borg have moved to Berlin, formed psych-noise-pop duo BlackFawn, and have already started releasing cool music videos of their own, but here's a nod to the good old days with Ronnie.

19. Winter Moods - Marigold

Winter Moods are perhaps the most polarizing band on the island, and they've been this way for the best part of two decades now. One thing's for sure - this video has racked up an impressive amount of views on YouTube...more than the entire country's population, actually! 

20. The Velts - She's Like The Sun

One of the island's most recent music videos, anyone who can imitate all those dance moves by drummer Stimpy and pull off looking so effortlessly natural deserves an award.

21. Brikkuni - L-Uffiċċju

Seriously, is there one person in Malta who doesn't know who Brikkuni are by now? Here they are doing what they do best - singing about something that most of us go through each and every single day.

22. Stalko - In A Hurry

How do you follow up a band as big as Brikkuni? With just-as-big Stalko. These guys are one of those bands that attract an extremely varied crowd. The one thing they all have in common, however, is the love for a band that took the then-internationally-current folk trend and made it their own, and our own by extension. 

Stalko since released a follow-up album which is even more exquisite than their first offering Grandiloquence on which In A Hurry is featured, but this track will definitely go down as one of their greatest hits.

23. Bark Bark Disco - Let's Do This

Who knew that, three years later, this video full of hand-drawn nipples would be even more relevant in today's world? Exposed skin apart, this music video by Bark Bark Disco (fronted by ex-Beangrowers drummer Ian Schranz) is an incredible feat of videography - so much that it comes with a behind the scenes video showing how the whole thing was made. 

Fun Fact: the song also has a Japanese Version (やって行こう) sung by Keiko Takamura. Kawaii!

24. Scream Daisy - Pretty

Next year, this music video turns a decade old. No amount of time, however, is going to change Scream Daisy's influence on many Maltese bands nowadays. Directed, incidentally, by Ian Schranz (Beangrowers, Bark Bark Disco), this video had rightly so won the Best Video Award back in the Malta Music Awards 2007.

25. Ira Losco - Me Luv U Long Time

Another tough one - how do you go about choosing one music video by someone who's been consistently releasing music for fifteen years? Well, here's our favourite from Ira, and one of her artsier music videos, courtesy of The Bigger Picture.

26. Lucy's Last - The Otherside

Sticking with amazing female singers, but going back to the alternative scene, here's Lucy's Last's The Otherside. Strangely enough, the singer is actually called Mia, not Lucy.

27. Dolls for Idols - Berlin

Dolls for Idols are one of those rare alternative bands that somehow also break into the mainstream scene. Definitely living up to their sexy name and sound, here's Berlin, featuring some of Malta's most popular models.

28. The Shh - God Hates Us

Do you still remember the first music video on this list? Beangrowers never left us - they just evolved. Here are Alison Galea and Ian Schranz with a beautiful anthem about the beauty of love... in whatever form it may take.

Well, that was an incredibly long list! Did your favourite music video make the cut? 

Tell us yours in the comments on Facebook, and tag your favourite band from this list!

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