35 Countries And Half A Million Kilometres Later, This Travelling Band Is Coming To Malta For A Two-Week Tour

They're travelling around the world in a van, and our island is the next stop

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Swing has steadily taken the entire world by storm, with hundreds of bands bringing decades-old sounds to modern settings. In a weirdly beautiful way, it all just fits, and bands like Les Poissons Voyageurs have been leading the fray with their world tour. 

Now, 500,000 kilometres later, the travelling band is gearing up for its next destination; Malta. 

Fusing the instantly recognisable swinging sound of the early 20th century with comic themes and added twists in the form of pop culture references, Les Poissons Voyageurs have already made it to 35 different countries. 

The five-piece, French and Canadian collective was founded all the way back in 2008, but a whole decade later, they're still going strong.

Even though festive swing is very much a part of Les Poissons Voyageurs (yes, that literally translates to 'The Travelling Fish'), their songs also have influences from Gypsy Bluegrass and Balkan Musette, making their performances sound equally nostalgic and fresh.

Bringing together instruments like genre classics double bass and accordion, the outfit also adds a healthy helping of saxophone and guitar in their tunes. All in all, Johnny, Coline, Robin, Nésar and Jean François are as eclectic as you'd expect from a band of travelling minstrels.

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Now, local promoters GET it are bringing the magic and energy of Les Poissons Voyageurs to our tiny Mediterranean island, just in time for Malta's beautiful summer.

The band will be performing on the island during a two-week tour, kicking off June in style. Check out the three currently confirmed dates below, stay tuned to the tour event page for more updates on the five more gigs hitting coming to the island, and start planning your summer outing with this world-travelling outfit.

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