5 Incredible Videos That Make Malta's Election Almost Bearable

No matter the outcome, humour is the real winner

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As the election season draws to a close, the videos satirizing the situation continue to get better and better. If you're bored of only seeing the negative side to this snap election, take a break with these hilarious gifts from the internet.

1. The most important wrestling match of all time

From Konrad Mizzi's rain of cash to Daphne's soundtrack, the whole thing just ties together so well. 

And if you're not yet sold, the watching Simon and Joseph fighting in a Xarabank-themed arena is literally everything.

2. The harshest rap battle ever fought

The green-screen game is strong with this one. Watch as Muscat and Busuttil battle it out through everyone's favourite medium: a rap battle. Harsh words are thrown (all taken directly from the horse's mouth) and eventually a special guest shuts the whole thing down.

3. Putin's piano lessons finally paying off

We've already laughed at this incredible video once before, but the subtle hilarity of this piece (and the commitment to create a piano version of the PN's theme song) means we obviously had to mention it again.

4. An insight into Daphne's creative process

You may not agree with the content, but there's no denying the humour in the attention to detail. From Daphne's ringtone to the perfectly animated features, the video is testament to the jump in quality in terms of satire.

5. Muscat's Moana solo

Who knew the Prime Minister had a musical side to him? Watch as a Southpark avatar of Joseph Muscat sings about his scandals and his lies, set to beautiful Maltese scenery. Again, you may not appreciate the message, but the whole thing is hilarious.

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