WATCH: 5 Maltese Pranks That Will Leave You In Stitches

Some research for the all aspiring annoying people out there

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With Malta's signature twisted sense of humour, it's to be expected that a couple of prank videos have over the years made their way online, with the typical reaction in the clips being a long string of swear words. Here are some of the funniest Maltese prank videos:

1. "Il-ġelat biss ridt jiena ta' hi"

One-upping the overdone drive-through prank involving smearing the ice cream everyone, this guy is on a serious gluten free diet. And the servers are very confused by this.

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2. The best thing since sliced bread

Jump-scare pranks have been around for centuries, but this baker's scare is a Maltese classic. And watching him throwing the last packet in rage is just the icing on the cake.

3. Smoking' hot wheels 

The most impressive thing about this whole prank is how easily this guy takes the entire thing into his stride. And considering his friends let out at a smoke bomb in his face as soon as he tried to start his car, there was a lot to process at once.

4. 007's got nothing on this pen

Faqqaturi (tiny firecrackers) are a Maltese prankster's best friend, and this take on the classic sees a pen with an explosive surprise. Definitely a shocking surprise... although maybe still not enough to merit nearly half a minute's worth of swearing. 

5. Maltese Pest of the Year 2016

Alex Steinbäcker's videos of him scaring his girlfriend went viral last year, with the compilation of some of his best moments racking up more than 20K views.

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