7 Maltese Political Viral Videos That Need To Live On Forever

It's always nice to know the country's in good hands


1. "What the hack"

Right off the bat we need to clarify that despite all the memes that resulted from this video, he's actually saying "what the hell" and not "what the hack". That being said, Joseph Muscat's incredulous look will always be funny, hack or otherwise.

What Da Hack

When she invites you over for Netflix and Chill and all you do is watch movies.

2. "Tistghu tghiduli x'qed jigri hawnhekk?"

Despite their public breakup (of sorts), in the not-so-distant past Daphne and Lou were bffls. Here we see him swooping in and uttering the magic words that spawned 1,000 spoofs at the first sign of her arrest. You should probably also check out her speech outside the Mosta police station

3. "L-Iljuni tal-Bidla"

Michael Falzon's debut single dropped just before the 2008 General Election (possibly in an attempt to counter the omnipresent "Iva flimkien kollox possibli".

4. Mintoff's rage

You did not want to be on the receiving end of Mintoff's wrath, regardless of how old he was when raging.

5. "Il-banana tieghi ikbar minn tieghek"

Toni Abela's fruity quote was hilarious enough on its own, but the remix it spawned is an instant classic.

6. Franco Debono's important texts

He's given us a few classic soundbites during his years in politics (remember the "Form 2 certificate" fiasco). But his arrogant denial of something literally everyone watching the show saw takes the cake. 

7. "Ghamilna pipi"

After a long, boring video of literally nothing whatsoever, Austin Gatt saves the day by throwing in the most casual viral comment of the month (you're gonna want to skip ahead to 3:09).

Bonus: Stefan Buontempo post-dementor

Have you ever seen a man more broken than Dr Buontempo when asked for his position on spring hunting? Unless you've been chilling at Azkaban, I doubt it. The video featured on MaltaToday at 4:56.


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